Friday, August 29, 2008

Prospectives to Ponder in Presidential Politics Around the Port

I am a progressive. I find the use of the word "liberal" being used by the Repubs as a pejorative laughable, but there are so many things about the Repubs and their neocon 'cousins' I find funny.

We now have learned the identities of the candidates for both the Democratic Party and the Repub Party ( I use "Repub" because they constantly use "Democrat Party" and even the POTUS mispronounces the name of the party he doesn't lead, probably mispronouncing it deliberately").

Somebody must have told John McCain that 18 Million voters voted for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman.

Would John have asked a male human with the same experiences in politics and service that Sarah has, to join his ticket?

How come two years in State office compares more favorably than three years in the U.S. Senate and eight years in State office?

Can the experiences of service between the V.P. choices of the two major political parties be compared.

Which of the two V.P. choices may have a higher degree of leadership ability and overall world experiences to qualify them to become President if that might ever happen?

Which of the two-major party candidates has a higher percentage of likelihood that they would become unable to remain in office or die while in office?

I think however, that by Tuesday morning Ms. Palin will not longer be John's running mate.

I can envision her 'deciding' to step aside and allowing somebody like Mr. Huckabee the opportunity to be nominated for V.P.

We all have the entire weekend to see if major McCain supporters and donors challenge John's choice for a running mate.

On the few sites where I have read comments to John's selection, I can see about at least a 15 to 1 take that the selection of Sarah is not only a very bad decision on John's part, but a decision that insures that in January we will watch the swearing in of President Obama.

When we see John's pick for running mate, we also see quite a bit about what he truly thinks of voters in America, what he feels he needs to try and get elected, and what decision-making qualities he demonstrates.

So far, it looks like John would be a bad President simply from the very few decisions we have watched him make recently.

Too stand up and recognize he has supported "W" about 90% of the time, is something we may all want to call into question.

From the largest surplus ever to the greatest deficit in the history of our nation, acknowledging that you support the President that served during those times also indicates to many people that John may have a worse decision-making ability that just about every other Presidential candidate that will be on the November ballot.

Is Obama ready to be President? Was John Kennedy compared to a sitting Vice President with 8 years experience at that job?

Would Biden be able to step in at the loss of heart beat or other incapability by Obama?

Would Palin be able to step in at the loss of heart beat or other incapability by McCain?

Is Huckabee or some other far conservative be willing to replace Palin on the ticket?

San Pedro has had a history of supporting Democratic nominees for President.

Rancho Palos Verdes has had a history of supporting Repub nominees for President.

The three precincts that make up the "Eastview" area have voted more conservative than progressive, in the more recent past.

I do not usually vote for a major party candidate in Presidential elections. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and even John Kerry are too centrist for my liking and my one vote tries to help another candidate acquire campaign funds.

I haven't voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate since the re-election attempt by President Carter and we all know how that turned out.

I have some issue with Obama's ability to control and deal with things when somebody crosses him. He may be vindictive like Hillary was proven to be.

John is simply too old, feeble, and growing more in senility to be President for even four years. The prospect of having Sarah needing to step in should fill Republics and all Americans with fear.

I liked Joe Biden early on.

Governor Richardson had more things I agreed with than any other candidate but he has absolutely no "TVQ" and he cannot discuss and debate issues important to him in ways that can be held onto. He has many good ideas, but no real way to personally communicate them.

Senators Clinton and Edwards are far too centrist for my liking.

Representative Kucinich, even though more progressive than all the rest, can not be the choice of any major party.

I have not and never will vote for a Republic in a party-contested race. (I have voted for Republics in elections where their party affiliation was not mentioned on the ballot).

I wish I could have Richardson's ideas used by a candidate that communicates as well as Bill Clinton communicates.

Politics is not perfect and we learned even more about that, today I feel.

Let's thank Sarah for being willing to be on the ticket but recognize that John made a very bad choice and he has time to correct his lack of a better decision.

John has clearly demonstrated by this one act of who he selected for his running mate, that he waited too long in his life to really seek the office responsibly, realistically, and reasonably.

Now it is your turn.

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