Sunday, August 3, 2008

Big Give Project and a Fundraiser!

The Big Give Project has been formed to help fix issues at San Pedro High School.

Here is one way OUR community can get together and support our largest high school by providing teachers and groups within the school with much needed items that there simply is no budget for through LAUSD channels, at this time.

I think we need to realize that the budget shortfall is a real issue and it is not the students' fault that our government and school system can't provide everything our kids need.

Below, is a flier that begins the spreading of information about Big Give.

Click on each image to enlarge.

Big Give was inspired by Oprah Winfrey's show that gives items to individuals who are deemed needy and Ms. Jilonda Johnson, the founder of Big Give found Oprah's show so inspiring that she is heading the Big Give Project, with help from some very wonderful people.

Big Give is one great way we can all help to become a small part of "Fix Pedro High" as many members of OUR community want to do.

Below is another way to help San Pedro High School's programs and activities.

A wine tasting event is another great way to support the many deeds and goods the Pirate Lady Boosters give to the students, faculty, and staff of San Pedro High School.

Periodic events like wine tasting help the Lady Boosters provide for the common good of the student body and faculty at San Pedro High School.

Big Give targets the needs and wishes of classroom teachers, departments, and activities on campus.

I don't think we can rely on the LAUSD School Board to provide enough of the funds to keep improvements going at San Pedro High School and it will take OUR community to back San Pedro High School as it tries to achieve improvements it certainly needs and wants.

I am not willing to throw up my hands and cry that improvements can't be made at San Pedro High School. I am also not willing to 'wash my hands' concerning OUR Pirates.

I hope we can demonstrate, by our willingness to participate in 'fixing Pedro High', that through the improvements the students, faculty, staff, and WE make at San Pedro High School, we will not need to build a new campus because San Pedro High School will become so successful at managing things, that a new campus is simply not needed.

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