Sunday, November 1, 2009

Getting Back Into Business

I have slumped off for too long with this blog. It is time to get back into writing about issues that need pondering.

The Daily Breeze has an article about local business owners attempting to get the meter fees lowered throughout downtown.

I hope they are successful and I would sign a petition supporting their goal.

BrewHaHa is coming to the Warner Grand Theatre opening Friday evening.

At least one great comic followed by a movie comedy will be presented by The Relevant Stage Theatre Company.

There will be two consession stands open during the events with one selling beverages of different types to audience members 21-years and older. provides all the information you can stomach and offers great bargains, too.

Buy a season pass for all of 2010 and you can attend BrewHaHa and "The Christmas Carol" for free!
If you haven't visited San Pedro: Block By Block yet, do so as soon as possible. is written by Romee who is determined to touch every street in San Pedro and she is already doing a great job and providing incredible pictures and words for all of us to enjoy.
A former Honorary Mayor of San Pedro who is also an advocate for harbor area business and industry is running for a seat on the Rancho Palos Verdes city council.

There is not much industry in R.P.V. and I still have not found that city's harbor. Perhaps the fellow should stick closer to his profession and advocacy in San Pedro and the real harbor area and let two others serve Rancho Palos Verdes residents.
It's on its Maiden Voyage and I was WRONG about how many passengers it can carry.

The Oasis of the Seas has departed from its birth berth and gone through the Baltic and onto the Atlantic Ocean.

Just about every single new large cruise ship has called on our port even though few of them call on it regularly.

We've seen the Freedom of the Seas, until the Oasis was spotted, it was the largest cruise ship afloat. It carries a mere 3,700 passengers.

We've seen the 'small' Queen Mary II and Queen Victoria but they only carry 2,093 passengers.

Currently the largest ship carrying passengers in and out of our port carries about 3,100-passengers.

But the Oasis of the Seas was originally touted as being able to carry 5,400-passengers. That was based on double occupancy in its 2,700 rooms.

But the maximum number of passengers the Oasis of the Seas can carry is 6,360!

Along with 2,100 crew members, that could put as many as 8,460 humans onto any berth that ship visits in San Pedro.

And it will probably stop by in the next few years.

Now might you be more able to ponder why the traffic supporting such large ships would create nightmares with traffic through much of San Pedro IF a new cruise ship terminal is built in the Outer Harbor?
Please reserve any further pondering about Ponte Vista until something new is released by the developer or Outreach Team.

There will be some information provided at the November 11 L.A. Planning Commission meeting, but it will most likely be only a status report on where the project currently stands......or sits.