Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pondering on "East"

Take a gander at all the streets in San Pedro that run from the harbor to the hills.

These are the streets that run from 'basically' east to west, even though they really don't.

Now think of the addresses we use to address folks and businesses that live or are on those streets.

All the numbered streets in San Pedro run that direction and we always use "W" or "West" for every address.

We have to. There doesn't seem to be an "East" or "E" address on any of our streets in San Pedro.

The closest street that MIGHT qualify as having an "east" address would be 22nd. Street because it actually can be found farther east either Harbor Blvd, or any othe street in San Pedro.

I don't know if there were streets with "east" address on Terminal Island when it was considered "East San Pedro".

Perhaps we should ponder not using "W" or "West" any longer, because there aren't any of those addresses available.

Think of the minute amout of ink, carbon, toner, or crayon we can save by not using the directional symbol for streets that have only one direction of addressing.

And what about our sectionalized streets?

MacArthur, Crestwood, Upland, and several other streets have segments to them, some like the three mentioned are within two different cities.

Should we have a "West MacArthur", "Wester MacArthur" and "Westest MacArthur"? I highly doubt it.

These and other silly things are also worth pondering, perhaps only sometimes.

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