Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pondering Possible Precedent Setting Projects in and Near the Port

Here are some proposed projects in OUR community that may set precedence because, if built out as proposed, they would probably the only ones of their kind.
  • A residential project approximately three times the population as the next largest development in a community, sharing a fence line with a Defense Fuel Supply Depot.
  • A brand new residential project in very, very close proximity to a set of LPG tanks that have already been deemed to be a hazard to the area. The new residences would be well within the blast range of the tanks, should they loose their capacity to contain their contents and then having an uncontrolled explosion take place.
  • A new cruise ship terminal approximately 3 miles away from the vehicle parking facilities for passengers of the cruise ships.
  • A senior high school built directly next to a residential Outdoor Experience Center.

These four examples may make OUR community something of a standout in terms of what might be allowed in this community, but not necessarily anywhere else.

We now are the community with the largest fountain in the State of California. Of course, its primary times for its water displays are during the time folks from other communities travel to OUR community to enjoy it as they board cruise ships out of and into the harbor.

OUR community is trying to figure out what will become of downtown San Pedro's shops and businesses while we await the opening of a 'big box' retail store (Target, closer to the border of San Pedro than to its downtown area).

Yet so many of us still think that 'nothing ever happens in San Pedro'.

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