Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year! Now Let's Get Really Back To Work

Happy New Year!

Yes, it has been over two months since the last post. But now, only 13 days into the new year, there is some to ponder and much to consider pondering.

With a recent post on my Ponte Vista blog, I wrote about five new eateries being constructed along Western Avenue, mostly in eastern Rancho Palos Verdes.

As for Ponte Vista at San Pedro, look for more to ponder on that subject sometime in February, according to Ms. Elise Swanson, the Vice President in charge of the Outreach Team.

Very recent news around town is that both the incredible Canetti's and the world famous Papadakis Taverna have or will end their stay in our community. This is shocking, sad, and chock full of memories that go back generations.

Mike Caccavalla has closed his retail store called Boca Active Wear. He will still do online business and keep his business customers. He and his family are great people and I wish them all the best.

We got a new park! When I looked at the photos from various sites I couldn't make out where the restroom facilities are, if there are any. I haven't visited the park yet.

Required reading for everyone living or loving San Pedro is "San Pedro Block By Block" at Ms. Romee is doing something wonderful, fantastic, historic, and honorable with her treks throughout San Pedro. Her photos and comments are priceless and everyone will learn something new every day as she touches her feet on every street in San Pedro.

Work continues on the remodel of the Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center. It will eventually provide up to 13,000 LAUSD elementary school students the opportunity to learn about the environment in a residential setting where youngsters will 'camp' for either 3 or 4 nights and days, right next to a new high school campus.

Yes, work continues on South Region High School Number 15 where it is truly needed or not. There is no real factual knowledge to be certain that the new campus will be an annex to San Pedro High School because nobody is really all that sure San Pedro High School will remain under the complete control of LAUSD.

Oh well, we fight the good fight to find reason where there doesn't seem to be any and respect where none is offered.

I read a report that cargo movement in our ports was slightly up. That is basic good news. So much of San Pedro's economy depends on the economy of others and having folks buying things imported through our port helps our community.

There may be something really big to ponder though. Mr. Richard Pawlowski and his mentions the "ONE PORT" option that some folks are talking about.

The idea with this hot item is to build one GIANT wharf where just about all the container ships would berth and where new types of cranes and conveyors will store, on load, offload and move containers from ship to train or truck of back again.

I wrote to Dick and mentioned that if anything like that was truly contemplated for the Pier 400 and 300 areas, there simply were not enough lanes or tracks onto or off of Terminal Island to accommodate that. I mentioned that there would probably need to me a wide land area added between what would be a former island and what is now the mainland. I thought pumps moving seawater under the land bridge in the inner harbor could make that possible without killing the flow of water through the ports.

There is already much to ponder about Councilwoman Janice Hahn's attempts to become the Lt. Governor. One thing to ponder is why anyone in any type of correct mindedness would want to be involved in California's State government under the current and recent conditions.

The mid-term elections might also be something to ponder throughout San Pedro.

It also appears that parking rates in lots around San Pedro will be cut in half. That is something. But it is late, not enough, and probably won't attract customers to places that may not be around any longer or that much longer.

My wife was pondering why there isn't something like F.D.R.'s Works Progress Administration these days. The Federal Government is printing money so why can't they provide more jobs to work on improving infrastructure and environments for both businesses and residents.

Finally to begin the new year, please respond to the 2010 Census when the forms come in the mail or you get a knock on your door. The best way to try and secure more dollars to be counted and have our counts mean something.