Friday, August 22, 2008

It is Time to Ponder the DEIR!

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for South Region High School No. 15 (SRHS 15) was published on August 22, 2008 and is now available to ponder.

Please click on announcement to enlarge.

The period for making comments concerning the documents begins today and is scheduled to end on October 10, 2008. A SNAFU during placement of the documents online caused a three-day extension to the end of the comment period.

Anyone and everyone interested in the project to build an 810-seat senior high school campus on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur is encouraged to learn about the DEIR and make comments to what is found within the pages.

The DEIR will include attachments which provide evidence as to the findings of studies contained in the DEIR.

Whether you support building SRHS 15 at what many call 'Angel's Gate', or oppose its construction there, comments are encouraged and they will all become public records in the future.

Groups are also welcome to create comments.

Neighborhoods Organized and Involved to Support Education (NOISE) will be creating a large set of comments.

It is believed that the Palisades Residents Association and possibly the three San Pedro Neighborhood Councils may create and send forth comments.

Commenting on the DEIR is one powerful way to have your thoughts and feelings included in the discussions as to whether the school gets built there or not.

Input by concerned individuals are groups are vital to the processes.

There are several very controversial issues regarding building a new campus on a bluff, beside a canyon, and well within a residential area.

Traffic is the most difficult issue to deal with, by everyone and there will probably be more comments to that section than many of the other sections of the DEIR.

The DEIR will also provide the first written evidence of the alternatives that must be studied, rather than building the campus on the preferred site.

During the next 45 days, this blog will include more posts concerning the DEIR and SRHS 15.

However, there is also several other DEIR's coming out in the very near future that don't revolve around the proposed new campus.

In short order the DEIR's for the Cabrillo Marina expansion, the proposed cruise ship terminal, and the Berth 408 Supertanker terminal will come forth for comment and consideration.

So get your pens, keyboards, laptops, desktops, writing paper and eye wear together because many members of OUR community are going to be writing up a storm.

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