Friday, August 22, 2008

Pondering Wind Turbines in San Pedro

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Well the South Region High School No. 15 Draft Environmental Impact Report brought quite a surprize in its announcement of what is proposed for north of the projected campus' site on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur.

One of the items that the School District wants to try out, as a model or pilot program is wind turbines at the site.

They want to "install 15 Mega Watts (MW) of renewable technology at schools to support Sustainability Programs in the District and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as mandated by AB 32."
How might they do that, you may wonder?

"The high school may be developed as a green demonstration project and would
include features to enhance energy efficiency, such as wind turbines,
photovoltaic (PV) panels, and green roofs. Up to 36 wind turbines are proposed
north of the site that would be a maximum of 50 feet high. PV panels are
proposed for the roof of the gymnasium, and green roofs are proposed for the
two lunch shelters and the classroom buildings. Figure 2-4 shows a conceptual
site plan for the Proposed Project."

It is a good idea to use as much environmentally healthy as reasonable, but I don't think there are other wind turbines at any other nearby schools.

The School District has continually stated that the average wind speed at the site is only about 6 MPH as monitored during the Preliminary Environmental Assessment phase of the project.

So LAUSD says there is little wind, but just in case, they want to spend money placing wind turbines on the school site.
The illustrations were taken from the just released Draft Environmental Impact Report and are conceptual in nature.

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