Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pondering on Helping Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council Work Toward Greatness

The Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council has had problems in recent years, serving their stakeholders, the downtown area of San Pedro, and providing more assistance with the Waterfront Development plans many folks, including me, feel.

Last year, a slate of 12 candidates, with their election as 'at-large' Board members, began some tasks at helping Central recover from some major problems.

On September 9, 2008 we all have the opportunity to help Central and the rest of OUR community by participating in their election of five members to be placed on their Board.

I have my own personal views about who I am going to vote for and I had to use one of my other blogs to present the candidates I favor and do not favor, because of a Ponte Vista related issue.

If you wish to view my picks, please visit: and look for the post about the election at Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council.

We all need three strong, vibrant and comparable Neighborhood Councils in San Pedro.

Both Northwest San Pedro and Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Councils have been demonstrating good work for their stakeholders and OUR community for years.

With a new slate of members and new officers at Central, I and many others feel that Central can join with Northwest and Coastal to provide great representation to all the stakeholders and others in OUR community.

Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council is placed in the center of San Pedro and their area will be seeing many issues that are currently being pondered on this blog.

Central has so very much of the downtown San Pedro area and most of the area that is being considered for waterfront redevelopment to make San Pedro a destination rather than a transportation hub.

Central would be able to provide counsel on the Clearwater Program, along with the other two Councils, so that the necessary ground-level locations will be placed on Terminal Island and not in any residential area of OUR community.

San Pedro High School is in the area of Central and with many of the issues surrounding providing better education for the students at that campus, Central could help "Fix San Pedro High".

If we truly feel that the downtown business area is vital and something that should be supported, improved, and redeveloped, it is at Central where more leadership could be provided.

Whether downtown San Pedro remains a real business community or a residential/arts area/entertainment center, with just offices but few retail stores left open, then it falls on Central to help determine what THEIR area could become, at least as much as the other two Councils.

It will probably be the residents and stakeholders in Central's area who should actively ponder on whether or where a new Supermarket is really needed in the downtown area.

IF and when all the units either under construction, becoming occupied, or currently in limbo finally have people living in them, all of the residents of the downtown area should have a Supermarket closer to them, and have more variety of market experiences than they currently have.

The heart of San Pedro is not centered in any area of OUR community, but the center of San Pedro's working areas and where so many offices are located is within the area of Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council.

A strong Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council would provide all of us with leadership, aide, and real concern for this vital area of OUR community.

Let's work for what Central can be and try and learn from their past and their present state.

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