Friday, August 1, 2008

Pondering Taste in San Pedro

Yes folks, it is time for Taste in San Pedro.

It is the 20Th year of the feat, festival, overeating extravaganza, music enjoying concerts, community inclusion event, and all around good time thing to do.

Below is a map and a legend for the event.

This year, the picnic several alumni of S.P.H.S. have shepherded for the past five years, moves inside the fence, for the first time.

If you want to see a couple of old yearbooks from the early 1970's, and get a gander at what I look like, please come by our booth on Sunday. We will be at booth 115, I have been told.

A Gathering of "The Crowd" and Friends Picnic is held on the Sunday after a Class' reunion is held.

This year, the Ke-Alians, Class of 1973 celebrates its 35-year reunion Saturday night.

We are sharing a booth, to the best of my knowledge, with a group supporting "Big Give" which is a wonderful way to support projects at San Pedro High School.

I will provide lots more information about "Big Give" in future posts, because I do support projects at San Pedro High School, and so should you, I hope.

Taste in San Pedro is not a free event. There is an admission price and there are tickets sold for food and beverages.

There is beer and wine available at Taste, along with a large variety of different menu items from many local restaurants.

There will be a Ferris Wheel, a climbing wall, and other activities to enjoy, if you aren't shopping the wares from local vendors or enjoying dancing or listening to music, all day long.

On Saturday, there will be an evening concert and a fireworks show to end that day's activities.

The normal hours are 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM, but Saturday's evening will end with fireworks at about 9:30 PM.

Taste in San Pedro is held at Point Fermin Park, for those of you who do not already know.

To get to Point Fermin Park, the easiest way is to find Gaffey Street. Proceed towards the ocean on Gaffey Street.

Just before you run the stop sign at Paseo Del Mar, notice the large gathering, with tents, portable stages, and a fence surrounding the Taste in San Pedro site.

You will most likely not be able to park that close to the park, and you might not get to park at the parking lot on the corner.

You may be instructed to go to the parking lot at 22nd. Street and Miner. There will be shuttle buses to take folks from the parking lot to the site.

If you want a wonderful walk along the cliffs overlooking the Pacific, you can park farther southwest along Paseo Del Mar and stroll to the site.

A good walk may also help you get up a good appetite for the great food at Taste in San Pedro.

If you are an Illusion, Mystic, Ke-Alian, Promethean, or Primo, please think about coming by our booth and filling out a name tag. You might want to try and find other alumni from those classes at the site.

Some of us don't look like we did in high school. Some of us do look like we did, but now are much, much larger.

Some of us don't remember what we even looked like in high school, let alone others.

You will also see lots of volunteers from OUR community helping out. This is a community-wide event that lets all of us participate in one way or another.

Taste in San Pedro is a great event for the whole family or just folks who want something different to do on a weekend.

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