Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally, Lots To Write About!

Yes, I have been lagging with new posts on this blog. I can offer no good or reasonable excuse even after I claims I would post more.

The title of this post is misleading. There has been 'lots' to write about, but I just didn't write about the 'lots' of stuff.

So here goes.

I noticed that the construction traffic for the new high school has moved from the Gaffey at Barlow-Saxton gate to 36Th Street at Meyler or Cabrillo.

I thought it would move to Alma but I was dead correct when I claimed that Barlow-Saxton would not be used for the entire construction work for the high school and the Outdoor Education Center.
Everyone, please channel your mind and provide brilliant white light towards July 19, 2010.

I cannot confirm, and it probably won't happen that day unless miracles occur BUT, I heard on the wind that Amalfitano Bakery MAY open on or about that date.

The ceilings are up, the displays are lighted, the windows are etched, the outdoor signs are up, the kitchen area looks mostly complete, fresh paint is on the walls, and the lights are on.

There is nothing posted to suggest when the Bakery will actually open. Perhaps the smell of freshly baked bread will waft into my window early one morning similar to when I stood in right field at the old Eastview Little League diamond and smelled the bread from DiCarlo's.

Mr. Anthony Amalfitano if of the family that kept Ramona's open for so long and we all hope the he brings to the new location, all the great special treats we enjoyed from Ramona's for years and years.
There is a meeting on Tuesday about bring the U.S.S. Iowa to San Pedro.

I am the oddball that thinks that, while the U.S.S. Iowa would be good, a soon to be decommissioned amphibious assault carrier would be much better for San Pedro.

An attraction like the U.S.S. Tarawa would allow for a flight deck for static displays of aircraft from all branches of the Military. It has a hangar deck for displays of smaller things like tanks, trucks, artillery and things from the Army and Marines. It also has an amphibious deck for smaller boats and crafts used by the U.S. Marines.

A ship like the U.S.S. Tarawa would allow from more volunteers from all branches of the service to help restore and work on tours and attractions because of the expertise the volunteers have from their respective branches.

I think more tourists would visit a ship that had all branches represented and one that could have seen action in Desert Storm and other actions in the middle east and Viet Nam.

The U.S.S. Iowa was a big Navy vessel that was truthfully obsolete when is was first commissioned and had to undergo many modifications to see action after the Korean conflict.
I am amused by the recall effort against Janice Hahn.

I hope you all know that some of the leaders of the recall were also good supporters or consultants for one Robert H. (Bob) Bisno and his attempts to change the fabric of northwest San Pedro and OUR community.

I am sure you all know that Bob went bankrupt after he was shown the door of his own project by the financial backers who grew tired of his antics.

Whether you agree with Janice's positions on many of the issues, I have to commend her for her support of OUR community in standing up to Bob and his cronies and lobbyists and her work with the good folks for the Vista Del Oro area in their fight to keep condos or apartments out of the area of Walker Avenue and 20th Street.

I don't agree with all the positions Ms. Hahn supports and I think any L.A. City tax funds spent debating and voting on boycotting Arizona while continuing to deal with an Arizona company for electric truck was and is a mockery and should never have been done by a city.

Let the Federal Government handle a Federal Government issue and don't waste L.A. taxpayers time and money over a Federal Issue. That is why you have Harmon, Feinstein, and Boxer, and Lowenthal.
Averill Park is Averill Park again and that is simply nice!
The issues revolving around the ballot initiative that could allow Marymount College to have on-campus housing is getting nastier and more heated by each passing day.

It is fair to consider that folks living near the Pacific Heights off-campus building near 24th and Cabrillo might want all their R.P.V. friends to vote for the initiative, but there is still absolutely no mention in The Marymount Plan to close off and then sell the Pacific Heights building and although Marymount has repeatedly claimed they would close that facility, wait, wait, upper class students are entering Marymount now so more older students need housing.

Isn't that special?

For the northwest San Pedro residents, no plans exist to ever close the Palos Verdes North off-campus housing area, either.
What a summer? June gloom in July, at least up until today.

Shakespeare By The Sea has probably the two best casts for their two shows and if you missed the performances, check their Web site. They will end their 18-community tour back where it all began, in San Pedro.
"Forever Plaid" Opens on August 13 and will play during the weekend of the Pedro Reunion.
The Relevant Stage Theatre Company is producing the musical that is about four souls who were on their way to a gig then perished on the night The Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

At Little Fish Theatre, "Dixie Swim Club" also opens on August 13. It is a period piece that revolves around the lives of a small group of southern gentlewomen and their reuniting at a beach house.

Phil and I have the honor to build the set for "Dixie Swim Club" and look forward to it success and working with both TRS and Little Fish Theatre Company, perhaps in the future.
It looks like the Waterfront Project is a stop again, stop again project. So many meetings. So many comments. So many discussions. So much of very little.

Yes, the new marina is taking shape, but I don't remember it being a real part of the most recent foray of The Waterfront Plan.

My assertion continues to be that the only thing that will be undertaken is the new cruise ship terminal in the outer harbor at 'Kaiser Point'.

I still don't want a new terminal there, but unless Disney gets Mickey's hands tied, we may be seeing the new terminal by 2011.
Let's put the off-leash dog park at Joan Milke Flores Park, O.K.? It's already there by a de facto fault, isn't it?
Go visit Terranea. I finally did.

You can get a cup of house wine for as little as $8.00 and a burger is just $9.00, with fries at just $6.00.

I know it is out of my income league, but I bet the food and drink is more expensive at Trump National.
All the fal-der-all about the moving of electrical lines and circuits that cause a big fuss at Point Fermin Elementary School seems to have been settled.

And wouldn't you know it, those of us who objected to the way we thought would be less safe were eventually considered correct in that the new route for the added electric needs does not take the route originally supported by those who just wanted the job done quickly versus what many of us considered more safe.

At least the students at that fantastic educational facility will get to have a much better environment for their marine magnet program.

Great teachers. Great students. Caring parents. We are fortunate in our community to have so many fine schools.
Please shop in downtown San Pedro at least once a week.

George's at the 8th Street Lofts is now open for dinners.

There is a new thrift store on the corner of Pacific and 6th.

Numero Uno is a fine place for groceries.

There are still great restaurants, night spots, and stores left for you to visit.