Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here is THE Conceptual Illustration.......

Here is THE conceptual illustration of South Region High School No. 15 as found in the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the project.

Here is THE conceptual illustration of South Region High School No. 15 as found in the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the project.

The illustration was taken from one of the early Sections of the document.

The illustration was taken from the Traffic and Pedestrian Appendix of the document.

So, do you have eagle eyes? Heck, do you even need eagle eyes?

THE illustration is just one of the items in the documents that are almost funny enough to keep you from tossing your computer through the window. Repeat, almost!

It is bad enough that Alma will be used, according to the DEIR, so the 'brains' behind the proposed campus added Barlow Saxton Road as another ingress and egress roadway.

Please don't go towards the man behind the curtain because you already know that Barlow Saxton is a mindless try and find another way to get to the school.

But wait, you may shout, isn't there going to be a year-round campus at the Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center operating 24/7 that also needs the same access points?

Sure, you get a cookie for that thought.

Not too worry though, according to LAUSD, students can also drive through the Department of Parks and Rec. access at Gaffey and Leavenworth, the access to Angel's Gate Cultural Center.

Might that foul a few plugs in the minds of folks who enjoy Angel's Gate? You betcha.

But LAUSD is LAUSD, the larger than elephant in the community. Well, I did just forget about the Port of L.A. didn't I?

The alternatives provided by LAUSD to building the new campus as it is proposed is four-fold;

No Project-Don't build the new campus at all.

Built it inside Ponte Vista. (Are you howling with laughter yet? Go ahead, it is worth a big belly-laugh.)

Build the new campus almost exactly as it is planned but WITHOUT the wind turbines.
(See I wrote that LAUSD is funny. This one looks like is was just thrown in so that they would say they provided four alternatives, when they really provided just one....See No Project)

Build the new campus to seat only 500 students. (Almost 100% of all the campuses within LAUSD addes seats even when enrollment was declining. If anyone really believes this alternative, please visit and view my post where I showed folks my acre of the Moon.)

All LAUSD had to do was provide one conceptual illustration of the proposed campus in their DEIR. Is that too much to ask? Are they so incompetent that they can't even provide ONE conceptual illustration of the campus, in black and white?

I hope the Port's upcoming DEIRs on a variety of things fair better than the DEIR released Friday for SRHS 15.

Bottom line, look for a recirculation of at least two sections of the documents in the SRHS 15 DEIR and there may be a reasonable chance that the whole thing will need recirculation, if my law firm of Dewey, Cheatum, Yu, Betcha, and Howe have anything to say about it.

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