Saturday, August 16, 2008


Mom, Terri, and I ALMOST had a perfect time watching the parade of tall ships glide through the main channel.

Everything was more than wonderful until a volunteer who does not possibly live in the area, started reading the script for the parade over the loudspeaker system set up on the far end of the old Whalers' Wharf area of Ports O' Call.

The @#)(& &))!^$% fellow must be a yacht club member who only visits the area when he comes to drink at the club or visits his 'floating money' because he did the unthinkable.

Every single time he spoke the name of the town he was speaking in he pronounced it "San PAYDRO".

I did what I could to shield my years, but it was for not.

I even tried to tell him the correct way to pronounce the name, but he simply would not.

Thankfully by the time many of the larger ships passed by, he no longer uttered his foul way of saying the name of the place he was standing in.

He did use the !%$#@&(_# word while Fire Boat Number 2 was passing and that was a bother as we watched the majesty of that incredible craft creating much higher fountains than what we see at the largest fountain in the State of California, our new tourist attraction.

Now I need to suggest to that fellow and to the good folks who claim there is only one San Pedro High School, they need to take a peak at;

Now THAT high school may actually be in what can be pronounced San "PAYDRO", but the language of Belize is also English, but with an accent to most of us.

So to the volunteer/skipper/yacht club member, if you feel you need to mispronounce the name of a town repeatedly, please set sale for the cay off of Belize and speak the name to your heart's content.

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