Monday, August 24, 2009

Pondering Where the 2010 Taste in San Pedro Might Be Held

They are fed up near the Point.

Many residents living in the Point Fermin area and in parts of the south side of The Palisades are fed up with the traffic and parking for Taste in San Pedro when it is held at Point Fermin Park.

Many Taste participants are fed up too. Some received parking tickets for parking illegally on Paseo del Mar. Some folks eager to taste great food later found out their cars were towed for being parked in a tow-away, no parking zone.

Still there are many others fed up with parking at the lot on 22Nd. and Miner and having to take the bus ride to and from the site at Point Fermin Park.

So it looks like next year's Taste in San Pedro will be held somewhere other than Point Fermin Park.

But where, oh where can San Pedro's Taste go.
Oh where oh where should it be?

First we can and should rule out the Middle Reservation of Fort MacArthur. That was the spot where it was held many years ago and years before 2001. Taste in San Pedro outgrew that spot some time ago and there simply is not enough space on the old parade grounds, whether security issues come into play or not.

There is a really big piece of asphalt that makes up the parking lot for Ports O Call, but a catch to that is offered by some.

Sure the Lobster Festival has been held there in past years. Sure, a re debut of the Fisherman's Fiesta made a try near the old Whaler's Wharf.

But there are rumblings around that the management and business owners at that historic, but now pathetic venue don't want thousands of folks there for something they may not profit from.

There is probably enough space at Eastview Park. There are two large parking lots for businesses near the park on Westmont. There is ample street parking in the area.

There is just one little problem having Taste in San Pedro at Eastview Park. Eastview Park is not in San Pedro.

So what about Peck Park. Nobody can say there isn't enough lawn space for Taste in San Pedro at that giant park.

There would be great objections to folks parking for Taste in the parking lot closest to the park. There is only some parking available at the park. Western Avenue is long and there is parking along quite a long stretch of that avenue.

But please take it from somebody who has about 54+ years dealing with the weather very, very close to that park. We would melt in early August is Taste were to be held at one of the hottest parks in San Pedro.

Ken Malloy Park is out. it is not in San Pedro.

Friendship Park. Not enough parking nearby.

There is a large area of parking at two spots that are somewhat close to each other. The parking area at Cabrillo is just a short walking distance from the parking area near the hotel down at the Cabrillo Marina.

There is enough asphalt at both sites for Taste, but then again, there are conflicts because boaters probably don't want their marina parking disturbed or boating fans having their trailer parking altered while they enjoy a day on the water.

Now down by Berth 93 there is a large area that saw the launches of the two Johnson sailing ships. A car show was recently held there and there is California's largest wading pool....sorry, fountain right there.

Unfortunately, there is probably not enough parking there. Traffic would be a nightmare and if a ship were calling on the hub, then that would only add to the problem.

What is needed is a large piece of land. The land needs to be in San Pedro if the event is still to be billed as Taste in San Pedro. Parking should be plentiful and nearby. Or parking could be dealt with, with a closer proximity to outlaying lots. Grass on the ground would be great. The site should be convenient for San Pedrans and folks coming to the event from out of town.

But wait folks! There is a brand new site coming along that just might fit the bill.

The good folks keeping our tideland from baseball diamonds and permanent structures and the great folks associated with the Port of Los Angeles and the L.A. Department of Recreation are building a large open space park along 22nd. Street, right close to the big parking lot at that street's intersection with Miner.

Sure it may not be the flattest park to have Taste in San Pedro, but there are advantages having it there that, I feel, should be pondered.

The new park is in San Pedro.

There is a parking lot nearby. There is parking available along Fisherman's Wharf and at Ports O Call.

Taste will offer a great event to highlight the new park and get more folks to learn about it and probably return to it.

Just like Point Fermin Park, a government agency owns the land. Taste in San Pedro would not be using private land.

So, what do you think? Are there sites I didn't ponder that I should?

What might your pondering be about a site I didn't think of?

We have some time, but not much, to ponder this as a community.

I hope this post is a start in finally finding a home for Taste in San Pedro that meets the needs and wants of the majority of OUR community and the participants of Taste in San Pedro.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pondering Whether San Pedrans Will Speak Up About Marymount

The Rancho Palos Verdes City Council has begun its final push at the Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project.

There will be a meeting of the Council on the matter on Saturday Sept. 12 at the Council Chambers at Hesse Park, beginning at 9:00 AM.

San Pedrans have been very quiet with regards to the project that will impact folks dealing with Palos Verdes Drive North between Western and Five Points and around the area of 24th Street and Cabrillo Avenue, in San Pedro.

San Pedrans' time to speak up about the issues relating more to the college's Palos Verdes North and Pacific Heights off-campus housing sites is running out.

If San Pedrans have problems with the college's apartment building on 24th and Cabrillo or the larger housing along Palos Verdes Drive North, September 12 may be the final date to aire issues and concerns.

Posts on this and other blogs have mentioned the project and how it could impact San Pedrans and San Pedro with increased traffic and more students needing places to reside while attending classes.

I have heard and read comments about the Pacific Heights facility at 24th and Cabrillo and issues neighbors and others have.

The time to speak up is about to end and if folks choose not to speak up, then they will receive what they will receive.....and maybe it will then be too late to try to change things.

Monday, August 17, 2009

"The Wiz" and "The Last 5 Years" and "What the Butler Saw"

San Pedro has a big theatre week this week with three entertainment choices for you.

On Wednesday August 19, and for just two showings only, the late Michael Jackson stars in "The Wiz" at WOW-Warner's on Wednesdays.

Prior to the 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM showings there will be a short tribute presented.

Tickets for each show is a mere $3.00 per person to watch a great movie on the large screen.

Parking should be available free after 5:00 in most spaces and free in other spots after 6:00 PM.

If you want popcorn, sodas, and savings, consider the $10.00 'Date Night Special'. It's two movie admissions, two small popcorns, and two small sodas. The full price for the items would be $18.00 so you ca see the savings you would get.

"The Last 5 Years" ends its run at the historic Warner Grand Theatre this coming weekend.

With 8:00 PM performances on Friday and Saturday, with a closing show on Sunday at 2:30, this show received a good number of great reviews including one featured in The Daily Breeze.

There must be something magical about the thirteenth row of the Warner Grand Theatre because John recommended it as the best row to view the show from.

Don't worry about seating though, there are 1,492 seats in the theatre built in 1931.

Tickets for "The Last 5 Years" are reasonable at just $20.00 per person as a regular admission.

Tickets are just $15.00 each for Seniors and College Students. If you can pass for someone under 18-years of age, you would pay a mere $5.00 to see the show.

"The Last 5 Years" chronicles the 5-year relationship between Jamie and Kathy and viewed by each character either from beginning to end or from end to beginning.

Kathy looks back on her relationship with Jamie, a successful author.

Jamie looks forward to his relationship with Kathy, a successful actress.

The show is a musical with melodies and lyrics that are easy on the ear and easy to understand.

The show includes a slide show of the couple's relationship through the years and it was photographed by San Pedro's own John Mattera. is your access to the theatre company's Web site.

"What the Butler Saw" is the newest production from the Little Fish Theatre Company in San Pedro.

The show which opened last weekend doesn't include a butler but it is a comedy from a theatre group that consistently offers first class entertainment to the entire community.

Information about "What the Butler Saw" and Little Fish's mid-week show can be found at:

Terri and I will be taking in the production just after "The Last 5 Years" closes and we hope you all can come to see "The Last 5 Years" and then "What the Butler Saw" which runs until September 19.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pondering Taste In San Pedro

This weekend is Taste in San Pedro weekend.

It began with a first-ever Friday night concert.

Terri and I were first in line at the Saturday opening of Taste because we wanted to take in the boots and friendships and food before I taped the Youthorizons kids doing bits from High School Musical 2.

I liked the idea and took the opportunity to purchase our tickets online. The Convenience charge was $1.00 per ticket but we got a $1.00 discount on each ticket so it made it a wash and no additional fees were charged.

I was very impressed with the knowledge that the organization administering Taste in San Pedro met all of its volunteer needs days before the event. It shows that OUR community can come together with a great number of volunteers to help out.

Heck, there were volunteers serving who don't live in San Pedro and even some from the Eastview area of Rancho Palos Verdes. (Joshua and I are commenting to each other about my thoughts concerning Eastview and its residents.)

I don't know if my perception that there seemed to be fewer paying participants this year over the same hours as last year is correct. It seemed to me there were fewer folks enjoying the first hours on Saturday than I remember last year.

I hope I am wrong about that but I can understand If I am closer to being correct.

Perhaps more folks came after we left and there may be a big crowd for the music and fireworks later today.

Terri and I tried different food booths than we have enjoyed in the past and we were very pleased that we try new offering each year. We already know the quality of many of the food vendors at the event is wonderful.

It was tough to avoid a slice of Buono's Pizza or the Thai food we feasted on before.

Taste in San Pedro also allows folks to catch up with friends they have been meaning to get in touch with, but haven't.

The idea of even the normal 2-3 degrees of separation San Pedrans normally have gets shot out the window at Taste. It is more common to see people you know from around town. than just about any other place or event in San Pedro, moseying around Taste.

Great food. Great entertainment. Unusual shopping. OUR community uniting to do good works for OUR community.

For Real San Pedrans, folks who want to be thought of as Real San Pedrans, or great friends and residents just wanting to gather and participate in OUR community, Taste in San Pedro is not something to be pondered, really.

This is one of the events that we all just do.