Friday, February 27, 2009

Pondering When Video Speaks Volumes

Please view the video by clicking over the URL.

Ron, I believe you are acquainted with Mr. Stanovich in one form or another.

It sure looks like Mr. Stanovich understood what Mr. Freeman was stating.

Of course Ron and others may try to claim that opponents of keeping Eastview Little League on Knoll Hill after the agreed upon contract ends, actually put words into Mr. Stanovich's mouth and edited the clip, dubbed in the words Mr. Stanovich spoke into the microphone and also put a look alike into the seat that would have been occupied by Mr. Freeman so that whole video could be claimed to be a scam.

Fortunately or unfortunately, when representatives of Eastview Little League forget they made comments that were taped, it's kind of interesting that EVLL officers and others seem to be going back on their agreements.

What kind of examples are these folks providing to the youth they claim to help?


Anonymous said...

Ain't nothing like video - ROFLMAO!

M Richards said...

Thanks Anonymous 9:17 AM

I think for some associated with EVLL they may want to know that you rolled on the floor, laughing your a** off.

I think there are several rules that folks like Mr. Stanovich may want to follow:

Rule 1: If you wish to go back on your words, don't get taped.

Rule 1: If you really respect children and want to set a good example, don't agree with a position you will then stongly go against, especially in a forum that is videotaped.

Rule 1: If you wish to remain respected and have your wishes granted by community members, be positive, less demanding, and don't get taped.

Rule 1: Listen more carefully to folks who tell you that many members and leaders in OUR community bent over backwards to allow EVLL to play on Knoll Hill and demonstrate your appreciation to one HELL of a set of efforts folks who wanted to help EVLL provided your group.

Rule 1: Make sure the video is offered for view to everyone representing EVLL as a demonstration of hypocricy by one of its leaders, who should have realized by seeing at least one camera was in the room, that he could be videotaped making statements he didn't intend on keeping.