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Pondering A Very Important Comment To A Post

Mr. Ron Galosic left a comment to a past post. Mr. Galosic's comment is worthy, in my opinion, of having his comments elevated to a post.

Mr. Galosic does not besmirch any individual who happens to disagree with his opinions and that is very commendable in this day and age. Thank you Mr. Galosic.

R. Galosic has left a new comment on your post "Pondering the Latest Meeting About Knoll Hill":

R. Galosic said...

"This link was passed on to me to read this posting, and again, as so many times during the past few years, it is so sad to see that some people just do not get it. This is not about the greedy parents; this is about the kids of today, tomorrow, and the future, and saving the only organization in San Pedro known as "Little League". I currently do not play "Little League", nor have any one of my kids played for over five years now, yet I support saving "Little League" for OUR town.

I do not agree with them, but I really think I almost understand where the group that opposes this is coming from. Sure, I can see how those that oppose seem upset that Eastview signed an agreement saying they would vacate Knoll Hill at the agreements end, and now are trying to find a way to stay, but I ask you, would you have done anything different if this was the last ditch effort in saving an organization you were passionate about? Signing the agreement was like this, “You sign on the dotted line, or you league ends tomorrow.” I have no doubt; every one of you would have done the same. Folks, the bottom line here is that “San Pedro” needs a place for “Little League” to call its home, and while some may be convinced otherwise, Eastview’s volunteers are not part of an organization that is “Loaded” with cash nor does not have an “Owner”, and it is not a “Managed Business”. What Eastview is though, it is a group of volunteers that changes from year to year that organizes a place for kids to go and learn life’s lessons in a group setting.

If you never played in the organization that is nationally known as "Little League", or if you did and you stopped because you were hit be a ball as a child and were afraid to ever get back up in the batters box, you don't realize how many kids lives it changes. "Little League" keeps kids off the streets, and out of open space parks where they can experiment with drugs and drink alcohol with their buddies. "Little League" gives kids a place to be part of a group that plays together for (6) months of the year, learning work ethics and how to play with a team in a group setting.

This is not about me, who as last years President, as I said earlier has not had a child play there in five years, or about any other parent who stood before you. What it is though, it is about preserving an organization that thousands of volunteers in San Pedro have volunteered to keep together for the kids of San Pedro since 1967.

Eastview Little League by no way is a "Business" as you suggest, and there is no "Ownership", only Volunteers who through the years step up and help organize a place for kids to play each and every year.

So remember this, when you are putting up your fight to have the fields removed, remember that consciously or un-consciously, you are trying your best to end "Little League" in San Pedro. If that’s fine with you then okay, but remember we volunteers will not stop because we want to be sure that our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren have a "Little League to play in OUR town of San Pedro."
I agree with some of Mr. Galosic's comments and I disagree with others.

When I played with Eastview Little League, the Manager of our team, the Minor League Athletics was the father of zero sons. In those days, girls were not allowed to play, so our team's Manager had none of his own children playing with Eastview. I do understand that it is a volunteer organization.

And although I only played "hardball" for one season, I played various forms of softball and other organized sports for many years in my youth, rowed first seat on the CSULB freshman 8 crew, and I continue to participate in athletics to this day.

I don't know if there is any real objection to having "Little League" as Mr. Galosic refers to the sport, remaining in San Pedro and in the rest of OUR community.

I don't know of any individual opposed to having Eastview Little League remaining on Knoll Hill who objects to "Little League" remaining somewhere else in San Pedro.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Galosic commented to my blog on, I talked to several gentlemen with the Eastview Little League organization and asked them about alternative sites where the League might find a new home.

At this point, I need to remind folks that Bob Bisno, the former 'Developer' of Ponte Vista finally stated that Eastview Little League would get fields at his site, no strings attached, towards the end of his reign. Apparently Eastview's management liked that deal. It allowed Bob some final tries at getting more support for his failed schemes at the 61.53 acre site.

Gosh, I wish Eastview's management would have turned him down a second time.

I do not agree that Eastview Little League is not a business. There is a management structure to the League and there is an organization, even if only made up by volunteers, that can have interested parents and others show up in great numbers to help sway opinions at meetings, in the press, and at other events.

The adults working for and with Eastview Little League are in the business of providing youth a means to play organized baseball in San Pedro. This is NOT a bad thing at all, in my opinion.

Baseball is as American as, Hot Dogs made of chicken parts, apples from South America, and Chevrolets from a company near bankruptcy.

Some of the best Major League baseball players come from San Pedro, in the Dominican Republic.

But that is quite alright too, because baseball is now a truly international sport, with the top home run hitter of all time having played in Japan for his career.

For several years now, many folks who backed Bob Bisno's attempt almost constantly stated that, things change and we all must realize that and deal with it.

Yes, Eastview Little League lost its $1.00 a year fields that kept for almost two generations.

Yes, Eastview's management signed a three-year TEMPORARY lease for the top of Knoll Hill.

Yes, folks understand that when they attempt to break their promises it sets a bad example for kids to follow.

Yes, we all should work as much as we can to help find a permanent home for Eastview Little League.

I opined to several 'higher ups' with Eastview Little League that I thought the city of Rancho Palos Verdes and the Los Angeles County Department of Sanitation might be approached to see if Eastview Park might be considered for the new home of Eastview Little League.

The park on Westmont, a little east of Western Avenue has land leased to the city of Rancho Palos Verdes on land owned by the Sanitation District.

Some years ago the American Youth Soccer Organization wanted fields placed at the park, but local area neighbors apparently objected to that idea. Maybe things have changed.

I live in the first tract of homes that were called "Eastview".

I played with the League when the majority of players lived in the greater Eastview, San Pedro Highlands, and Channel Heights areas.

Back in those days, Midtown, Block Field, Peck Park and other leagues played in San Pedro.

Over the years, Eastview Little League grew to outnumber all the leagues that currently remain in OUR community, including Lomita Little League that plays alongside Western Avenue by P.V. Drive North.

Yes, Mr. Galosic and others, OUR community, San Pedro included needs to keep "Little League" somewhere, somehow.

I don't know the answers to where the League may find a permanent home, but I will continue to help look for one.

Maybe the "Field of Dreams" needs more kicking in the pants of folks who can make that finally happen.

The Tidelands Trust doesn't allow permanent fields on Knoll Hill as long as the Port of Los Angeles owns the land.

There are far too few parks and open space in San Pedro east of Gaffey Street and especially east of Pacific Avenue, where Knoll Hill is located.

One of the sadder issues when dealing with the current issues Eastview Little League is facing is the fellow who runs the San Pedro Youth Coalition and far too many adults representing Eastview Little League.

Instead of the reasoned, calm, and thoughtful comments made by Mr. Galosic with his comments, we find one fellow who grandstands, shouts, and demands that his positions must be followed, without accepting other opinions, other options, and other voices.

We also find far too many folks organized into a campaign of seemingly demanding that OUR community accept what they want, while not realizing that they are in the minority of the opinions revolving around Eastview Little League.

If Eastview Little League supporters would consider being less dogmatic and attacking folks who don't agree with their demands, using shouts, pouts, name-calling, and 'bullying' tactics, perhaps OUR community might find more favor in helping kids find a permanent home to play "Little League".

When local meetings and forums are packed with an organized group of folks not willing to listen to folks opposed to their particular wishes, it demonstrates to other, and even children attending those meetings and forum, a type of behaviour that is not likely to find sympathy or any reasoning to work with others to find solutions.

So few Rancho Palos Verdes residents have a clue where Eastview Park is and far too few R.P.V. residents use the park compared to our great San Pedro neighbors who use the park.

Why not work on the men representing R.P.V. on their City Council and folks at the Sanitation District at getting Eastview Park, in Eastview, for Eastview Little League?

OUR community is going to have to deal with the Clearwater Program of the Sanitation District that will surely cause much discussion and consternation in OUR community, including San Pedro.

Most of the residents of San Pedro are not on the L.A. County Sanitation District's sewer system.

So, if the Sanitation District is going to impose on San Pedro, why not ask them for some type of benefit.............use of Eastview Park, in Eastview, for Eastview Little League?

It could not hurt to ask, could it?

Again, thank you Mr. Galosic, for your reasoned and wonderful comments. Wouldn't it be great if all the discussions, debates, and comments regarding Eastview Little League were as civil as Mr. Galosic's were.

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