Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pondering the Beginning of the Intermission Last Night

I did promise with my last post that I would not mention you know what, you know where, and the fact that you know what presented by you know who, has seen its run extended.

Sure, I could mention to folks reading this earlier on Sunday, than 2:00 PM, but I wrote this post to let folks know what they witnessed at the very beginning of last night's Intermission, you know where.

Ray, Kara, Bob, the 'you know where' House Staff and myself know a fellow who visits the Warner Grand Theater on a very regular basis to try and find paying work there.

This gentleman is also known in the local area and he has some difficulties dealing with some issues, including reality.

Our acquaintance was told to leave a bar local to the Warner Grand area as he was causing problems.

Local security guards on patrol were summoned to assist in the removal of the fellow, from the bar.

The bar patron left the bar before the security arrived and he then went to disturb and misdirect traffic from the middle of Sixth Street.

He may have known that the security guards were looking for him because during the first act of you know what at you know where, he slipped into the audience while attempting to hide from security and others.

Before the Intermission began, the person provided some disturbance to some audience members while security guards were looking for him and came into the theater, where he was located.

Just after I put up the "Intermission" (10 Minutes) slide, the security guards found the fellow and began attempting to extract him from the theater.

At that point, the guy did not need to have a wireless microphone on his person because his tantrum, shouting, and unruliness could be heard by everyone in the Orchestra Section, the Balcony, the Foyer and probably the basement areas of the you know where.

He shouted loudly that 'they' were hurting his finger while the guards were trying to get hold of the fellow.

As the person continued shouting, their was an audience member who witnessed everything going on and commented to the fellow that 'they' weren't even touching his finger.

The female audience member described, in detail, the events of the extraction of the drunk and disorderly human, and I took every word she said as the real truth.

It just so happens that I purchased two tickets to that particular performance for the woman and her husband as a gift for their 19th wedding anniversary that occurred on February 10.

The husband knows quite a bit about activities of live theater because for two decades he was the Stage Crew Teacher at San Pedro High School, a very close friend since 1973, and my brother-in-law.

Ruth Buono, my sister, gave me an account of things I could only witness from the balcony of you know where as I was changing tapes on two video cameras during most of the Intermission.

Now you know I couldn't end this post with reminding folks about you know what, you know where, by you know who. So here goes.......

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