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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Thank you so very much to all who attended the 2009 Season opener of The Relevant Stage Theatre Company's production of, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change."!

The audience attendance was record-breaking. The run of the musical was extended. One of the most repeated comments heard was that it would be great if it came back in the future.

Well............... There is no guarantee yet, but talks have begun to consider doing the production again during the next Valentine's period.

Last year's season ending production of "The Christmas Carol", an adaptation of the famous Dicken's classic was received so well by so many, will return in December, 2009 and The Relevant Stage is trying to find more performance dates for that show.

It was a true hit, just like "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change." has become.

However, although you are all appreciated for your wonderful attendance and great comments about these two productions, we will not stand idle and rest on the fantastic reception the two productions garnered.

Upton Sinclair's "Singing Jailbirds" is the next production coming from The Relevant Stage Theatre Company.

In late May and after the current two plays being produced by the great, wonderful, fantastic, and enjoyed Little Fish Theatre Company have ended, there will be a musical based on events that happened right in San Pedro, presented on the stage of the historic Warner Grand Theatre.

Here is a press release and information about "Singing Jailbirds"


The Relevant Stage Theatre Company is mounting a visionary musical adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s obscure 1924 play, “Singing Jailbirds”. The new production titled, UPTON SINCLAIR’S SINGING JAILBIRDS: THE MUSICAL will feature a large cast of performers. The story is set in 1920’s San Pedro, the Port Town of Los Angeles amid the demonstrations of union activists during the worker’s movement.

UPTON SINCLAIR’S SINGING JAILBIRDS: THE MUSICAL will feature over 35 musical numbers, including numerous songs from the IWW’s (Industrial Workers of the World) Little Red Songbook by Joe Hill, T-Bone Slim, Ralph Chaplin and other Wobbly leaders.

The score also includes popular music from the decade such as If I Could Be With You, Have A Smile, Sonny Boy, If I Had You, Love’s Ship, and more. Composer and Music Director Robert Gross, along with Writer and Lyricist, Ray Buffer also penned several original songs and the entire show consists of new musical arrangements.

The story is just as Upton Sinclair penned it: Red Adams, a leader of the Wobblies, is thrown into solitary confinement without criminal charges for peacefully demonstrating. Threatened with the charge of criminal syndicalism (a charge no longer in the State of California’s law books) Red begins to lose touch with reality as isolation and starvation begins to play with his mind.

Through Red’s delusions we see his secret past, and his perceptions of the present and future. His steadfastness to the doctrine and vision of the One Big Union is what keeps him grounded as he and his fellow workers use songs to turn pain into power and get their pleas for change heard.

In 1923, 86 years before this production, Upton Sinclair climbed the steps of a platform that striking dockworkers had built atop a hillock they named Liberty Hill. As someone held a candle for illumination, Sinclair said nothing about the 600 dockworkers who had recently been arrested for striking. He only tried to read the Bill of Rights.

He got as far as the first three lines of the 1st Amendment, the one guaranteeing freedom of speech, before he was arrested. His experience led to the writing of “Singing Jailbirds.” The ACLU of Southern California was formed the same day that Sinclair addressed the public, one week after his arrest and three years after the national ACLU had formed. Sinclair’s arrest and release also led to the empowerment of the labor movement.

Sinclair’s four-act play on which this new production of UPTON SINCLAIR’S SINGING JAILBIRDS: THE MUSICAL is based, ran for 79 performances on Broadway in 1928 and 1929.

The new musical production will run May 22 – May 24; May 29 – May 31 – 2009, Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 2:30 PM.

Performances will be at Warner Grand Theatre, 478 W. 6th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731. WGT is a facility of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Advance tickets may be purchased at Press inquiries may be made to or (310) 929-8129.

The Relevant Stage announces auditions for the World Premiere, musical adaptation of Upton Sinclair’s 1924 play, Singing Jailbirds

Roles for 16M/3F

THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY – Male aged 30 to 50, No nonsense, all business (Bass-Baritone)
RED ADAMS – Male aged 25 to 45, Leader of the Wobblies, charismatic and smart (Lyric Tenor)
SONNY BOY – Red’s son, aged 14 to 19
PETE, JERRY, MATT, JOE & IKE – Wobblies, aged 20 to 50
(Baritones and Tenors)
THE DOMINIE – Religious Leader of the Wobblies, aged 50-70
THE CHIEF OF POLICE – Blustering and frustrated, aged 40-50
JAKE APPERSON – Red’s best friend aged 25 to 45, (Baritone)
ONE LUNG - Chinese eatery proprietor, aged 30 to 50
NELL - Female, wife of Red Adams aged 25 to 45 – (Lyric Soprano)
A JAILER – Male, aged 20 to 35
MRS. SMITH - a Neighbor – Female, aged 30 - 40
MURIEL - Female, the Stenographer for the DA, aged 20 to 30
THE BAILIFF – Male, Strong presence, aged 30 to 50
JUDGE – Male, aged 40 to 60
THE JACK-IN-THE-BOX – Male, the Defense Attorney – aged 25 to 40
SECOND JAILER – Male, aged 20 to 35
Some roles double as

Auditions will be Tuesday March 10 and Wednesday March 11, 2009 from 7PM to 9PM at Warner Grand Theatre, 478 W. 6th Street, San Pedro, CA 90731

Please call (818) 287-6944 to schedule an audition time

Prepare 16 bars of a song that showcases your range. You may be asked to read from the script. If auditioning for Red Adams, please prepare a 2 minute dramatic monologue.

Rehearsals begin March 16 in San Pedro, and take place weekday evenings from 7PM to 11PM. Tech rehearsals begin May 18 from 6PM to midnight. Performances are 5/22 - 5/24; 5/29 - 5/31 - 2009 - Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 2:30 PM. There is also a special daytime matinee for students to attend at 12 Noon on 5/22.

Seeking volunteer talent only. Email head shots and resumes to or mail hard copies to The Relevant Stage 600 S. Pacific Ave., #220 – San Pedro, CA 90731

Ray Buffer Producing Artistic Director The Relevant Stage Theatre Company at San Pedro's Warner Grand Theatre visit:

T: 310/929.8129

Office: 600 S. Pacific Avenue, #220 San Pedro, CA 90731Venue: 478 W. 6th Street San Pedro, CA 90731

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