Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pondering Who To Vote For in L. A. City Elections

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The March 3 election is coming up and voters within the City of Los Angeles have yet another chance to meet candidates, this time in farthest north San Pedro.
I don't have a list of candidates who have agreed to participate in the forum. Perhaps I will Email Mr. Mavar and provide a list on an upcoming post.
It might actually be a fun evening if Zuma Dogg and/or Walter Moore show up to enliven the forum. Both of them bring a certain difference in their own ways of thinking about city politics, and that ain't bad, I feel.
I am not a Walter Moore fan, and I feel Zuma Dogg can't do more damage to the city of L.A. than the current Mayor.
In fact, Zuma Dogg may even do something for the people residing in the city of Los Angeles, which is much more than the current Mayor seems to have done, in my opinion.
David Saltzburg (Zuma Dogg) does like video-ops just like Mayor Villaraigosa loves any and all photo ops.
I also hope there are folks representing support for or opposition to various measures on the March 3 ballot.
Measure B is one item that is all over the papers and newscasts. We think that Mr. Ron Kaye will be at the forum to tell voters the truth about Measure B, the very bad measure that seems to have good intentions.
For those of us living in the Eastview section of Rancho Palos Verdes, WE get to vote on March 3, too.
There are three seats for the Community College District up for grabs. That's it Eastviewers. We get a three-item ballot all for one District. Oh boy!
I wonder if all of Eastview will have the same polling place. Ours is the Palos Verdes Retirement Villa. Be forewarned when you go to vote there. The parking spaces are too narrow and many folks take up 1-1/2 spaces.
There is parking on Summerland Avenue, the private part. There is also a great parking lot at the church, just above the facility.
Whether you are a neocon or a left-of-center progressive like me, or anywhere in between, the right to vote is important to keep and use, as long as there is more than one candidate for each office.
Become informed. Learn about the issues and candidates. Vote using your informed choice.
Enjoy the forum.

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ron kaye said...

Ron Kaye: no maybe, I will be there and looking forward to it. get informed about measure b and go to you soon