Friday, February 20, 2009

Pondering Future Theatre Productions

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1. I promise that this is the very last post dealing with live theatre events in San Pedro until I publish another post on the subject.
2. If you attend theatre events regularly in San Pedro or the greater L.A. Area OR if you want to look for ticket prices to other events that save you money, please look at and consider whether you can actually save some real dollars while attending great performances, concerts, and sporting events.
3. As a member of The Relevant Stage Theatre Company, duty requires that I ask you to attend "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" before you take in either of the first two performances of the next production by the Little Fish Theatre Company.
4. But you should really try to see all four productions mentioned on the illustrations viewed above.
5. I guess I am still in a funny mood after last evening's funny event and that is why I altered the address side of the post card sent out by Little Fish Theatre Company.
6. If you want to see a performance with an audience having fewer folks, come to the Warner Grand tonight, February 20, 2009.
7. If you wish to include yourselves along with a large audience laughing and enjoying a performance, then Saturday February 21 is the date to get to the Warner Grand Theatre.
8. You will just about always find a packed house at 777 South 7th Street, where Little Fish Theatre Company provides their great performances.
9. I don't feel it is necessary to mention that "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" has had its run extended by two performances.
10. But I think you need to learn that the run could not be extended through Sunday March 1, 2009 because of a previously planned event at the Warner Grand Theater.
11. 11 is the sixth lowest prime number. (1,2,3,5,and 7 are the first five)
12. The modern English translation for the number "twelve" is "eleven with two". I know it doesn't make any sense, but I didn't create the translation.
13. Thank you for reading and please enjoy all upcoming productions by two fantastic theatre companies.

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