Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's Ponder What Is Missing, Below

Please take a look at some recently found information about the new High School campus that has been approved to be constructed.

The paragraph below offers what is going to be built at the site and some of the facilities that are being explored to be considered in a joint use agreement with the Los Angeles City Department of Parks and Recreation.

As I have opined more than once, I continue to believe one of the items L.A.U.S.D. was promising while they were seeking approval of the project will probably never be provided.

It is something that will be built on at least 10 other new school construction sites, as revealed by L.A.U.S.D. in documentation I have saved. This particular amenity is never mentioned to be included at the new campus.

Please take a look and consider what has been left out of the items L.A.U.S.D. is willing to provide on the campus.
"The District intends to build a new high school on District-owned land at Fort MacArthur. This campus will consist of two small schools or learning communities that include classrooms, science labs, and administration. Shared facilities will include performing arts classrooms, a library, multi-purpose room, gymnasium, food service and lunch shelter, indoor dining room, administration support services, playfields, and surface parking. The District and the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department are exploring a joint use agreement at the new high school."
Can you tell what is missing?

The item also appears to be missing from all but one conceptual illustration of the new campus.

Is it something that OUR community needs and will use? You betcha!

Is it something the member of the School Board for this District promised while seeking approval and support for the new campus? Why yes, I heard him speak about it.

Is it something dealt with in any real manner in the Environmental Reports? Sadly and as expected, NO.

Have you guessed yet?

Don't worry if you can't identify what promised item is missing and most probably will not be provided at the new campus.

If you didn't guess it, you won't be all wet. And it appears that neither will anyone else in OUR community get the opportunity to be all wet, either.

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