Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pondering a Benefit for Port of Los Angeles High School

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POLAHS Presents 'Opera at the Grand' VIP Dinner and Fundraiser.

The 8:00 PM 'Opera at the Grand' performance will be held at the historic Warner Grand Theatre and will highlight the vocal artistry of the San Diego Opera Ensemble, accompanied by the Warner Grand's own orchestra-in-residence, the Golden State Pops Orchestra.

Tickets are available at, Williams Bookstore in San Pedro and at the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce ($25 General Admission and $15 seniors, students and military).

A VIP Dinner will precede the event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Pedro ($150 ticket includes premier, reserved seating at the Opera).

I think what we have hear is a touch-them-all, out of the ballpark home run!

First Base-It is a benefit to support education in OUR area by supporting the High School.

Second Base-It may be the first really enjoyable event we can all share after the election season, which seems overly long is OVER.

Third Base-It is another cultural and artistic event in downtown San Pedro and it benefits a school located in downtown San Pedro.

Home Plate-It is simply a wonderful evening of classic, well-known, and enjoyable music for the entire family and a great way to come together and be entertained without spending a whole lot of money.

With this year's opening concert of the Golden State Pops Orchestra held just last night, many of us 'regular' concert goers were delighted to see so many new people coming to see great music in San Pedro.

The concert, which included members of the Orchestra, some of whom will be playing during the Benefit, drew the largest crowd that we probably have ever seen during the tenure of the Orchestra at the Warner Grand.

Last night's concert also featured a Halloween costume competition. Terri and I were thrilled to have won last year's first prize. This year we clapped very loudly for the first prize winner, a pacifier-sucking 'Yoda' very proudly being lovingly held by his daddy.

During the concert we all heard eerie and frighteningly loud music that was geared towards horror and other scary movies.

It was a little funny to hear such powerful and frightening sounds coming from, among other, a pink-haired clown, a giant banana wearing a tie, Fred Flintstone appropriately playing percussion, one of the Super Mario brothers, eight Frankensteins playing french horns, and one member of the orchestra dressed up like someone who actually plays in an orchestra.

We may be seeing a self-determined revitalization of the downtown San Pedro area with many of the arts being represented in that area.

We have galleries, theater groups, music events and ongoing entertainment as several places, and live music can be heard around downtown San Pedro every night of the week.

With our support of the " Opera at the Grand" we can provide for our own Port of Los Angeles High School and we can demonstrate our eagerness to encourage more events to benefit other groups.

Thank you.

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