Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pondering Another Blog's Most Recent Post

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Part of my 'work' is to look at other blogs dealing with issues, events, and comments concerning OUR community.

I often visit Mr. Jeromy Rogan's Rogue's Yarn blog at:

Mr. Rogan published a post today with the flier shown above.

Jeromy's blog is a very good example of another blog everyone can read and share thoughts on.

I hope folks will visit his blog and share their thoughts about what Mr. Rogan posts there.

Knoll Hill is owned by the Port of Los Angeles.

San Pedro Issues to Ponder welcomes comments and post contributions. This blog encourages discussion and debate and welcomes differing views and I try my best not to slam anyone for their thoughts.

I hope though, folks will visit Rougue's Yarn and let Mr. Rogan know you are visiting his blog.

I have pondered some concerning the future of Knoll Hill, but I still have no clue on what should be placed there.


Russell Jeans said...

The Port started buying up Knoll Hill in the 1950s to gain more storage area, as I understand it. Part of the plan also was to divert traffic through the area after its removal so traffic and rail wouldn't cross each other. Also making it unnecessary to have port activity crossing the road between the dock and the storage area.

The idea was to avoid the costly and unpopular eminent domain proccess until absolutely necessary. Obviously, this has been going on for several decades. I believe there is still one private property on the hill. If the Port is going to abandon the original idea and utilize it for non-port related purposes, I think they should sell off the property. Maybe somebody will put in a restaurant like the Yamashiro in Hollywood. It would make a beautiful view of the BNSF trains and containers.

San Pedro Rogue said...

Mark, How about co-sponsoring with the Yarn a community writing project where we solicit suggestions from the community for redeveloping Knoll Hill and then post them on both Issues to Ponder and the Yarn in about a week or so?

It might be an interesting way to get people who care to start thinking about Knoll Hill even before the meeting on Nov 19th.

What do you think? We could do a joint post on both blogs and ask people to submit their ideas.


Anonymous said...

how about instead of moving the church out of san pedro, it gets moved to knoll hill?