Thursday, October 9, 2008

Go See "Bat Boy, the Musical"

"Bat Boy, the Musical" opened on Thursday at the Warner Grand Theater.

The show is being produced by The Relevant Stage Theatre Company. Their Web site is:

When you visit the site you will get to hear a new jingle for the Company. I have to admit that I heard it played several times before the opening of the performance and the darn thing now sticks in my mind. It isn't bad though.

"Bat Boy, the Musical" is a good piece of camp and I found it much more fun and enjoyable than "Urinetown, the Musical", the last production of The Relevant Stage.

I have been to many different performances of a great number of plays, comedies, musicals, and classics and I was impressed with The Relevant Stage's cast and content of the production.

It is really a good way to spend a couple of hours and not a lot of money. I paid the General Admission price of $20.00 and had a great seat to see and hear the production.

Some of the cast members were fine and adequate. Several others were very good and probably will be seen in productions at larger theater companies and in venues like the Kodak Theater, the Music Center, and the new Nokia Theater.

A couple of cast members were absolutely wonderful, with voices that are so much better than heard in smaller 'community theater' settings.

The musical had funny lines, comedy, drama, and was campy in places it should have been.

I found the technical aspects of the production superior to the last musical The Relevant Stage put on, and it will get even better as the 2009 season gets underway.

The case enunciated their lines and the audience could understand the lyrics in this production.

Having a history in legitimate theater with some education and experience in T.V., I know I am probably more critical than others.

I do think that "Bat Boy, the Musical" is a good evening's worth of entertainment, the price is right, and it will have you laughing and thinking about some things.

The production runs this weekend and next weekend and closes on Sunday October, 19.

I cannot go without mentioning that "School for Scoundrels" opens at Little Fish on October 10.

Little Fish Theatre Company has been in San Pedro longer than The Relevant Stage Theatre Company has been in San Pedro, but they both offer different entertainment venues and both need to be supported by OUR community and other communities.

The Relevant Stage has the Warner Grand Theater to hold its performances. Their productions can be on a much larger scale than the tiny theater at Little Fish.

Little Fish has had already a long history of great productions that make it a very highly recommended Company.

The Relevant Stage can also become a highly recommended Company with our support.

The two Theatre Companies offer different types of productions in vastly different venues and both can be enjoyed by everyone.

Bringing a ten-member cast onto the stage at Little Fish, all at once, seems to over-fill the tiny venue.

Putting a ten-member cast onto the Warner Grand stage as is done in "Bat Boy, the Musical" allows the cast to have plenty of room when they need it and still not look too crowded when they all gather close.

My point I am trying to make is that both Companies can produce great works in San Pedro and not step on each other.

The two Companies, along with Shakespeare by the Sea can help create a better atmosphere in downtown San Pedro as being a more art-friendly area.

Shakespeare by the Sea produced a play that was held outside the Little Fish Theatre Company's theater.

We have some great theater opportunities in OUR community and I hope we support all of them as much as we can.

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