Monday, October 13, 2008

November 12 Meeting Concerning the Future!

Mr. Rogan posted a great post with the flier.
Life continues to see changes in downtown San Pedro and other areas of OUR community and we all have a stake in trying to build a better community for our future.
There have been plenty of folks talking and talking about changes that hardly ever get done or take so long to get done, too many of the people interested in change have simply given up.
Giving up is not something we should do. Whether you have been fighting for change for some time or want to include yourself in areas for the first time, we all need to ideas, fresh voices and discussions between those who have tried for years and those who are starting their volunteer lives, working on changes.
It will be great to have younger voices like members of the Rogan family, to lend their talents to discussions, debates, and conflict resolution that it needed.

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