Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Moving Forward

Regular life has taken a 'time-out' recently with the loss of the much loved Ms. Michele Burk.

I won't count all the phone calls, Emails, letters, and memories of Michele that have been flying all around America since her untimely passing.

Michele's memorial service and reception has been planned and information can be found further down on a post on this blog.

The outpouring of love, memories, and communications have been incredible and Michele's many friends appreciate the affection shown toward one heck of a great lady.

In sadness though, life moves on and issues continue to need attention.

October 10, 2008 is the last day to create and send in comments regarding the South Region High School No. 15-Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR).

I have already Emailed my comments in and will be heading off to the post office to send in a printed set of those comments.

If you have read some of my writing on my various blogs, you can imagine that my set of comments was long........48 pages long.

But whether a group or an individual sends in lengthy comments, it is also necessary for the staff dealing with the comments to the DEIR to read and hear from anyone and everyone who has opinions on whether an 810-seat high school should be built on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur.

Your comments matter. Your comments will be read and answers to questions or statements about issues you are critical of MUST be addressed during the process of reviewing all comments and creating an entire section for the Final Environmental Impact Report, regarding comments to the DEIR.

LAUSD must address the comments you send in, it's the law.

You have a different perspective on the issues than just about anyone else.

Your insights may provide findings no one has considered before.

If you oppose the construction of a new campus on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur, also known as 'Angels Gate', please visit:

If you receive The Daily Breeze or read it online at, you could not help but notice the long article that began in today's edition, on page one.

I haven't been involved as lately as I should have with the DEIR(s) for the waterfront redevelopment project.

I suspect that I will only be able to concentrate on two areas: the Community Based Alternative Plan that I feel is a good start, and the idea of placing a new cruise ship terminal at Kaiser Point.

The DEIR(s) for all the improvements and changes sought by the Port of Los Angeles and community members are humongous compared to the high school DEIR and that large residential project in northwest San Pedro.

I admire anyone and everyone who even attempts to get through all of the issues and comments on most of them.

It is hoped that when our Marie Callender's remodel is finished, folks will be able to enjoy a nicer environment with better menu items, cleaner dinnerware, and friendlier staff.

Bat Boy, the Musical at the Warner Grand, presented by The Relevant Stage opens on Thursday October 9 and School for Scoundrels presented by Little Fish Theatre Company opens on Friday October 10.

San Pedro can and should encourage both companies to join with Shakespeare by the Sea in providing our greater area with live entertainment that can be considered second to none.

I am a theater buff since before I attended Chapel Theater productions many years ago.

In this day and age of anxiety, weird economics, and changes being thrust on OUR community, enjoying live theater allows us a respite from the cares we have to deal with...if only for a short time.

Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council will be holding elections later this month.

You can find information by visiting:


Here is another shot at advertising San Pedro News at:

The site is a replacement for MORE SAN PEDRO Which was removed as an insert to our local newspaper earlier this year.

The site provides lots of information and it doesn't seem as lopsided in any direction as my blogs intentionally do.

The second Tuesday of October, at 6:30 PM at POLA high school finds us welcoming the new members of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council and the election of new officers to that body.

Now I feel the three Neighborhood Councils representing San Pedro and its residents will be able to come together much better to deal with the really big issues that confront OUR community.

Congratulations to all the newly elected members of the Governing Board and lets provide a "Hail and Hearty" farewell to Mr. Joe Gatlin and his fellow officers, with thanks for their service.

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