Saturday, January 10, 2009

Too Humorous For Me Not To Ponder

This post is directly related to shipping and ships but it has nothing to do with the port on OUR community.

A very large oil tanker was hijacked at sea.

Somali pirates took over the M.V. Sirius Star and demanded ransom money.

After an extended period of time when the ship and pirates were encountering vessels of other countries attempting to thwart the hijacking a ransom of 3 Million Dollars was parachuted down to the Pirates.

The Pirates then abandoned the hijacked vessel and fairly quickly thereafter, five of the Pirates, along with the ransom money exit the small craft they were speeding in. The money sank to the bottom of the ocean while five of the Pirates drowned.

Now here is another bit of humor to add.

An uncle of one of the Pirates/now dead guy, blamed the deaths on the fact that the small craft the Pirates were escaping in had to speed fast over rough waters to keep from being taken over by people in other watercraft seeking to take the priates into custody and return the ransom money.

It's tough to consider that your nephew after doing any number of illegal things, won't be able to bring you any illegally gotten gains because the nephew dies as a result of actions taken by other pirates in not keeping their craft from capsizing. All this while claiming that the death occured at the hands of law enforcement personnel or military members who were legally allowed to attempt to capture your nephew because he was.........a pirate!

It may come to pass, with this particular event, that some Somalis may consider leaving the Pirate business and entering the deep sea-diving business. It just might be more profitable, you think?


Oh, by the way, have you seen the gunmounts and bit machine guns on the small watercraft that scoot around our harbor.

I imagine there is no pirate in there right mind who would want to try and go up against our U.S. Coast Guard

HOWEVER, if there are any Pirates on any vessel operated by the U.S. Coast Guard, then thank you very much should go out to those Pirates from everyone, including all of us Pirates who graduated from San Pedro High School.

Being a Pirate is a good thing. Being a pirate is a dangerous thing.

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