Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Deep Springs College

Until today when I actually did more searching, I found that I have been in error for too long about a matter concerning whether there are any private two-year colleges west of the Mississippi River that have on-campus student housing.

I was wrong and I apologize for not looking further into 'facts' provided to me by others who claimed they knew the truth.

Deep Springs College in Deep Springs, California is a two-year private educational institution that provides housing for all of its students.

http://www.deepsprings.edu/home is the URL where you can learn more about this institution.

But here is a taste of what the college provides;

"Deep Springs is an all-male liberal arts college located on a cattle-ranch and alfalfa farm in California's High Desert. Electrical pioneer L.L. Nunn founded the school in 1917 on the three pillars of academics, labor, and self-governance in order to help young men prepare themselves for lives of service to humanity. The school's 26 students, along with its staff and faculty, form a close community engaged in this intense project.

Deep Springs operates on the belief that manual labor and political deliberation are integral parts of a comprehensive liberal arts education.

Each student attends for two years and receives a full scholarship valued at over $50,000 per year. Afterwards, most complete their degrees at the world's most prestigious four year institutions.

Deep Springs, California is close to the Nevada border and about halfway between the I15 crossing the California/Nevada state line and Lake Tahoe.

It is out there and it looks like it is accessed by a dirt road.

There were no mountains nearby named Brokeback Moutain.

But the college is private and it is a two-year institution, so that means that if on-campus housing at Marymount College is approved, it would NOT be the only private two-year college west of the Mississippi River to have on-campus housing.

Now because I felt bad about blowing this issue so badly, I thought about doing more reading and searching and I found out quite a bit more about colleges that have housing on-campus or directly adjacent to the campus.

In California, there are twelve Community Colleges listed as having on-campus or adjacent housing for students.

Brooks College that closed just late last year seems to have offered some housing for students and it WAS in Long Beach, California!

According to the American Association of Community Colleges there are about 233 public, two-year colleges that have student housing in the U.S., and about "70 independent" two-year colleges that have student housing.

I will probably continue to look for more private, two-year colleges that have student housing, west of the Mississippi River. Most of the private, two-year colleges I have read about that have student housing, are east of the Mississippi, but I will continue to look.


Russell Jeans said...

"Deep Springs operates on the belief that manual labor and political deliberation are integral parts of a comprehensive liberal arts education." Chairman Mao had the same mindset. I don't understand the logic in connecting the two.

M Richards said...

Thanks Russell,

I wrote you an Email about the debate I continue to have with others about Marymount.

Marymount is not a "Community College" as it has about 99% full time students as opposed to about 30% full time students who attend public Community Colleges.

But it still is considered a 'commuter college' even though more than half of its students live in the two off-campus housing sites.

According to the leading opposition group for the Expansion Project, Marymount doesn't really fit into any category that allows it to be truly compared to other two-year colleges that have on-campus housing.

The 12 public community or junior colleges in California that have on-campus or adjacent student housing can't be compared to Marymount.

But I am using a very low comparison bar; a private, two-year college. With this low bar, I have to include Deep Springs College, because I feel it is the right thing to do.

The College's Web site was more interesting than I expected it to be.

Looking up the location of the College on Google Earth certainly gave me the view that it is out there in the desert. It look nice from above and the housing is a bit of a walk from the fields and barns.

I don't know if Chairman Mao would have considered ranchhands and farmers who doubled as wisemen, monks, and peaceful folks, compared to his vision.

I do like to go out onto the desert and have some quiet reflection time. Fresh cut alfalfa makes me sneeze though.

km said...

FIDM has a student housing program that is a partnership with apartment buildings close to three of its campuses. It is private and a 2 year program with an optional 3rd year track. The apartments are 2 bd semi furnished units that are administered by the school and have RA's.

km said...

Otis also has student housing nearby at Playa Vista. It looks campus adjacent on the map although I have not checked it in real life. Otis is a 2 year private.

M Richards said...

Thanks km,

You also made a great comment on another post which I will address there.

It only took me one college to use as a item to refute, using fairly low standards, the opinion shared by many opponents to the Marymount Expansion.