Friday, January 16, 2009

Pondering Who to Vote for in L.A.

I don't get to vote in elections dealing with Los Angeles City government. But that doesn't mean I can't have opinions on who I would like to see win in the March 3 election.

I have two 'slam dunks' for different reasons.

For City Attorney, Mr. Noel Weiss:

Mr. Weiss is a clear choice for San Pedro, its residents and the OUR community on the whole.

Mr. Weiss continues to work with members of OUR community and is intelligent, interesting, innovative, and involved.

For 15th District City Council is there any real option who to vote for?

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you feel Ms. Janice Hahn: is probably going to retake the helm of the 15th District by a landslide.

Ms. Hahn may not serve out another whole term if she decides to run for the 4th Supervisory District seat now held by Mr. Don Knabe, and wins.

Now pondering on who should be the Mayor of Los Angeles, I have been battling my own thoughts and the thoughts of others.

Antonio Villaraigosa spends about 11% of his 'work' day on city business. This has been written about and is backed by public information and records.

I think the current Mayor of Los Angeles is the only person in L. A. Government who is more into photo opportunities that a certain very local Councilperson.

I haven't been able to find anything real or important that Tony Villar has accomplished with the exception of promoting more taxes for you and me.

The list of candidates is not all that long. It seems nobody is willing to give any of the other candidates any real chance at sending Tony packing and seeking another cozy job.

There is Walter Moore, but I think he is ignorant of the issues in OUR community and he is not written about very well, by others.

And then there is David Saltsburg. You may not know that name but you probably know him by the name he uses, Zuma Dogg:

For the office of Mayor of the city of Los Angeles, I don't think you could do any better than electing Zuma Dogg for that office.

It would be better than allowing Tony Villar (Antonio Villaraigosa) a second term.

Los Angeles has the City Council that makes the laws and (sort of) runs the city. The office of Mayor has become completely ceremonial because of Tony's inaction's, photo ops, glad-handing, and attempts to gain higher attention in the national media.

Zuma Dogg doesn't pull any punches when he tells you what he thinks and he carries around a video camera to make sure you see him in action.

Now I do not believe Zuma should be without medication for long periods of time, but that is probably true for Tony as well.

Zuma would bring more national spotlights onto L. A. and laughter counts in some of the spotlights.

Did Minnesota gain when Jesse Ventura was Governor?

L. A. needs all the attention it can get right now. We do not have any rivers where a large plane can land safely and we don't have a Wall Street crumbling down.

The election of Zuma Dogg might create so much discussion that something actually gets done in the city.

Voters electing Zuma Dogg could all take credit for finding a home for someone who has been described as homeless and living in his van.

I don't think that Zuma Dogg could do any more damage than Tony has done. Zuma seems to look out for the less fortunate and people who don't necessarily donate to his election campaign.

So in closing,

Zuma Dogg for Mayor

Noel Weiss for City Attorney

I'd sit out voting for Janice Hahn knowing that so many other will vote for her it is almost as if she is running unopposed. I never vote in elections where there is only one candidate. It seems to be too much like communist countries when that happens.


Zuma Dogg said...

Holy Mackeral! Thank you so much for your comments. What can I say? Thanks for noticing.

Anonymous said...

janice recently said that it would be a "crime" if the ballfields were taken out of knoll hill. why wasn't it a "crime" to remove the dog park?

Anonymous said...

Considering what kind of city Los Angeles is it does not surprise that you would say Walter Moore is not well written about. Let's see first he was a republican and we know California hates republicans.

You feel he is not informed about your city. Sure looks to me like a man that cars about his city. Has he made mistakes, I am sure he has we all have.

Walter Moore does not have the campaign funds that Villars has, but yet he raised enough for matching funds. Seems to me considering how much he has raised he seems to have some pretty good support. Maybe he doesn't have big corporations and unions supporting, but he obviously has the support of Los Angeles residents that would like to see their city cleaned up.

Villars won't even debate him, sounds like he might be a little worried he wouldn't do get debating Moore.

Moore is a citizen of Los Angeles and suffers the same problems you residents do. I am amazed that you would not take this opportunity to get behind a man that really cares and wants to do right for the legal citizens of Los Angeles.

There are many of us in different states that are in contact with Los Angeles residents and we are reaching out to more. We are watching and we are praying Walter Moore wins.

America needs Los Angeles residents to take back Los Angeles. VOTE FOR WALTER MOORE!

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 10:26 AM

I understand you may be a bit confused about a term I use on several of my blogs.

"OUR Community" does not necessarily refer to the city of Los Angeles per say.

You use the term "our city" and that also brings about some confusion for many of us.

Is "our city" supposed to be Los Angeles, San Pedro, or Rancho Palos Verdes".

I began using OUR community when dealing with Ponte Vista at San Pedro and the issues that a large development would have on a community that includes San Pedro, Rancho Palos Verdes, Lomita, Harbor City, parts of Wilmington, and even some unicorporated parts of L.A. County.

If Mr. Moore cares about the city of Los Angeles, perhaps he can demonstrate his care, knowledge, and concerns for the San Pedro, Harbor City, and Wilmington areas of Los Angeles by heading down there for photo ops in the Port of Los Angeles (a giant revenue-generation area for Los Angeles) and he might wish to campaign within the 15th Council District.

And even though I still don't get to vote in L.A. City Elections, I continue to feel Zuma Dogg would bring more entertainment, focus, and work to the office of Mayor of Los Angeles, while helping to bring more national attention to the issues that city faces during a very difficult economic period.

L.A. needs a lightning rod that is either charged highly positive or highly negative (even though lightning rods by nature need to be grounded) and having someone who has been deemed to be homeless in the past might help out L.A. so much more that Tony avoided trying to do.

M Richards said...

In rereading the comments by Anonymous 10:26, I think I need to respond more directly to those comments.

I will provide one of my acres of The Moon to anyone, including Anonymous 10:26 AM who can provide to be a citizenship document to the city of Los Angeles.

I have always considered legal citizens as citizens of the United States of America. I did not know that there are more citizenship requirements or documents needed to be a "citizen of Los Angeles"

Even though I was born at the older San Pedro Community Hospital, it was not actually in the city of Los Angeles. Thank goodness both of my parents were born in hospitals within the city of Los Angeles.

Secondly and very repeatedly, Los Angeles is the second most populated spanish speakink city on this or any other planet in our Solar System.

I think for any candidate for the office of Mayor not to accept that fact and learn to live with it, makes that candidate less able to really deal with the issues in the city of Los Angeles.

Citizenship is a Federal issue and it is up to the Federal Government to work with cities to deal with it.

Beginning on January 20, 2009 at exactly noon of that day and without the need for any swearing in, Barack Obama became President of the United States.

Like it or not, Republicans are going to have a pretty tough time dealing with a Congress that is decidedly swung away from the Rebublican ways they had when they held power between 1995 and 2007.

I do take some offence with any statements about the political affiliation in an non-partisan election.

I have voted for Republicans in elections that are not Party based or party partisan. As long as party affiliation is not on the ballot, it really should not matter what party the candidate belongs to, unless someone attempts to attack another's party affiliation.

If Mr. Moore cares so much about who is a legal citizen of the United States of America, perhaps he should save up funds and run for office for the House of Representatives. That is a real body of decision makers who might be able to work on problems created by undocumented foreigners who enter the U.S. illegally or remain here beyond the limits of their visas.

A Mayor of any city has extremely little power to influence the changing of the U.S. Constitution and if Mr. Moore doesn't realize that, perhaps an adult school civics class may be in order.

Your comments suggest to me that you and Mr. Moore have problems with different races.

Tony seems to ignore really serving all races equally.

I feel Zuma Dogg doesn't look at the ethnicity of a human to gain their support.

The United States of America needs fewer racists. We need persons who can work to solve problems together, no matter what they look like or where they or their parents came from.

Anonymous said...

Race card. That's good. Anyone that opposes illegal immigration is always called a racist. So Cesar Chavez was a racist then. He turned illegals into INS and he turned employers that hired illegals into INS. He was well aware that illegal immigration drove wages down.

And talk about nit picking my words. Excuse me for not being as well written as you.

Villars geothermal power - dependence on Mexico. Mexico is ready to collapse. Drug Lords are taking over. Villars loyalty is to Mexico.

Los Angeles violates federal law by being a Sanctuary City. This country is a mess and the politicians need to be replaced at all levels.


M Richards said...

Thank you Anonymous, for continuing the pondering.

I don't remember any support from me supporting illegal immigration.

I don't support it, but reality means I have to live with it and pay for too much of the effects.

I have stated on blogs, even ones other than mine that we can not afford to continue to pay for the effects of illegal immigration without monies from the Federal Government.

I am opined that even though I understand that folks want the best for themselves and their children, I am already taxed too much and the taxes I pay are not coming back to the communities they are needed.

Illegal immigration, love it or hate it, is a Federal issue and no matter who is Mayor of the second largest spanish speaking city on the planet, they have little power and less influence on the Feds, it seems.

Will Walter or members of his election committe be coming to the candidate forum on Thursday February 19, 2009 at Rolling Hills Prep?

I'll be posting the flyer later for that forum.

I am quite sure that if many parents of students at that Prep School attend, Mr. Moore will be in a friendly crowd.

But look closely at the flyer because it states that Spanish Translation will be provided.

Whether you or I like it or not, Tony will be reelected and Measure B will pass.

There are too many voters in the city of L.A. that won't bother to really look at Measure B as I feel they should.

They will see solar energy and their placement on their city buildings and just vote for it.

We saw much a much similar type of voter reaction to Measure Q. Too many voters just saw more bond money going to build more schools and voted it in without really reading it and caring that they don't seem to remember that the taxpayers have the burden of paying back the bond money, plus interest.

But there are social and economic programs that must be paid for by taxpayers. For me, I am taxed out to the max, whether I approved it or not.

I guess I still am weird. I consider myself a progressive, farther left of center politically than the current Democratic leadership, yet I feel overtaxed without a way to really fight it.

Folks like me seem to join some intelligent neocons at the far end of the spectrums when the circle completes itself.

Our two groups seem to understand that center-right thinkers are a real problem for us.

But I haven't heard about Walter Moore coming to the San Pedro community and talking up his message.

And when we read things from his supporters who wish to remain anonymous that smack of racists being victims, that also doesn't fit will in San Pedro.

The far left and the far right seem to want to shake things up and that may not be such a bad thing.

One way to shake up the system is to elect Zuma Dogg as Mayor. We have no idea what would come of that, but it would be a period of change and maybe some humor might help out the situations.

It is also one way to help someone who is/has been homeless be provided a home for a period of time.

L.A. voters can then claim they are concerned citizens looking out for the people of L.A., whether they have homes or not.

L.A. voters may just wish to give up on the City Council. The 15th District seems to have a Councilperson who enjoys photo opps more than Tony, if you can believe that.

Peaceful revolution may just be the only answer for those of us on the far end of the political spectrum.