Thursday, January 8, 2009

One L.A.U.S.D. Representative Continues the Mistrust of the District.

According to a person who attended the California Coastal Commission meeting yesterday, Mr. Rod Hamilton, a manager within the Facilities Services Division of the Los Angeles Unified School District stated the following when addressing the Commission members and referring to the approved South Region High School No. 15;

(It will become) "the jewel in the crown of LAUSD".

Now where have we heard that quote before and what was it really referring to?

I created that very quote vocally and in many of my writings concerning the redeveloped Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center.

I never used that quote when I mentioned South Region High School No. 15.

Mr. Hamilton took my quote that I used when referring to the Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center and used it when referring to the annex of S.P.H.S.

I am quite sure That Mr. Hamilton heard my words when I used them referring to the Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center.

My words were recorded on videotape during an L.A.U.S.D. Board of Education meeting.

My words were spoken during a public hearing in which Rod also attended.

My words were published in documents submitted regarding the South Region High School No. 15.

My words have been published on this blog, more than once and appear on more than two posts.

At NO TIME have I referred to South Region High School No. 15 as being any jewel in any crown of any School District.

Yet Rod thought my words were good enough to use for his purposes when talking about the annex and not the Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center.

If you wonder why I continue to suggest that L.A.U.S.D. cannot be trusted and that its representative would do just about anything to have their wishes granted, all you need to do is look at the quote........really the misquote.

Rod used MY words for the annex. I used MY words for the Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center.

Hey Rod, if you want to quote me, quote me and don't misquote and misinform what I truly stated.

I can just see the smirk on his face that I have viewed too many times when he was dealing with folks who don't agree with him.

He can be viewed as a consummate bureaucrat who apparently doesn't really care what the folks who pay him think or feel.

HOWEVER, since voters have approved another Seven Billion Dollars, the vast majority of the bond money going into the coffers of the Facilities Services Division, the division Mr. Hamilton is a manager within, we can only expect him and his ilk to continue to do whatever they wish in order to achieve their goals.

Folks, I don't need to make these things up. They appear just about everywhere you look outside the classrooms of LAUSD.

It's just another instance of foot in mouth disease that exists throughout the bureaucracy of LAUSD, it appears.

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