Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pondering Information in This Irregular Odds and Ends

2009 started with a bit of a bang during a foggy evening and it is only getting busier and more up to speed with projects, concerns, and issues worth pondering.

The Planning Commission meeting that was the concern of the last post was held. My comments about that meeting can be found at:

The next continuing saga regarding the Rancho Palos Verdes Planning Commissions seemingly never ending proceedings concerning the Marymount College Expansion Project is now scheduled for Tuesday March 10, 2009 and not as previously believed on Feb. 10.

The process by which the Los Angeles Unified School Districts seeks to acquire a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation for the use of Barlow Saxton road at Angel's Gate for access to two facilities is still under consideration.

It is expected that the MOU will be made available to the public for review and questioning prior to the School District taking the matter to the Board of Governors of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

One of the important issues I think many will be interested in learning about and possibly questioning is the placement of a new traffic signal on Gaffey at the intersection of 32Nd Street on the east and Barlow Saxton on the west.

Most of us never ponder much about that intersection because the gate going over Barlow Saxton Road is usually closed and we are focused more on the intersection of Gaffey at 30Th on the west and 31St on the east.

It appears that we will now get to deal with the Gaffey/30Th intersection at the bottom of three hills and the top of a fourth hill while we will need to learn about dealing with a new signal just a very few yards south along Gaffey Street and up the southern incline of Gaffey Street.

Perhaps L.A.U.S.D. considers placing the new signal at the lesser of two evil intersections, but I do have to feel that the geometry of that area is not very safe for a signal and stop signs not that far apart from each other.
Have you driven by the new parklands along 22Nd. Street near Minor?

Slowly the tidelands park is coming together and it seems to be the first park developed east of Pacific Avenue in far too many years.

The Knoll Hill Advisory Committee will have a meeting the first week of February. Interested folks are encouraged to attend the meetings and participate in pondering what should be enjoyed at the park, in the future.

Councilwoman Hahn has been quoted that she wants baseball fields to remain, but there are issues regarding the placement of permanent buildings at the park to support organized league play continuing after the agreement with Eastview Little League ends.

The Corner Store will be hosting a wine, hummus, and soda tasting event to benefit the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur.

WHEN: Saturday, February 7, 2009

Three Tasting Times: 1-2pm, 2:30-3:30pm, 4-5pm

DONATION: $15.00 per person

Space is limited! Make your reservations ASAP. Please contact Jill Romano> at 310.548.5677 for event details and reservation information or stop by The> Corner Store in San Pedro to register.

WHERE: The Corner Store
1118 W. 37th Street
San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 832-2424

Kristina Smith runs Pedro at:

It has become the go to site to learn about upcoming events and meetings you might be interested in.

Ms. Smith has a great site and we hope you bookmark it, save it to your favorites, or link to if via one of my blogs.
Josh Stecker's new publication, "San Pedro Today" is finally out to the lucky 30,000 that received their copy this morning.

Those of us who wished for a copy but can only read it online (like Terri and I), can view the entire publication by going to:

Good luck Josh. We need information, news, and enlightening views from the widest number of people and publications we can find.
The Relevant Stage Theatre Company has scheduled a free presentation to senior citizens of its newest production, "I Love You. Your're Perfect. Now Change."

The free performace will be held on Thursday February 13, 2009 at the Warner Grand Theater, beginning at 1:00 PM

Here is their special invitation:

Happy Valentine's Day to all Senior Citizens!

On February 13, 2009, TRS will offer a special, FREE performance at 1 P.M. for Seniors 55+.

This is a private performance for group and individual Seniors, which is sponsored in part by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council.

Groups may reserve seats by sending an email message to us. Be sure to specify the number of seats.

Individual seniors will be granted admission at the doors which will open at 12:30 PM. Free admission is only offered to seniors for this special 1 P.M. performance on 2009-02-13.
The Relevant Stage

For the rest of the folks wishing to learn more about the upcoming production, future productions, and more about the Theatre Company, please visit:

In a related development, it has been learned that a veteran of live theater, movie and television production, and concerts is joining the Company.

This individual has had experiences with high school productions, worked as a casual with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, worked Summer Stock productions with Washington D.C.'s Center Theatre Group and others, helped stage college productions, and has been around 'industry types' for decades.

I can't name names right now, but this person's face will be recognizable to very few folks in San Pedro.
The city of Los Angeles will host a Day of Service in the San Pedro area in June of this year.

We've got lots of time to ponder what can be done to help improve as many things as we can get done that day and more information will become available as the date approaches.

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