Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pondering the Need and Greed Over Solar Power in Los Angeles

The March primary election will include Proposition B which is a measure ostensibly to add solar panels to public buildings in Los Angeles so more Green power can be produced.

If that thought seems far to easy and simple to imagine, the long held concept of if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, applies.

You can find great information about Mayor V.'s and others plans for the solar energy measure on the upcoming ballot by reading the following blog: http://ronkayela.com/

Mr. Ron Kaye is a former newspaper editor and a true hero to many of us in the area.

He and seven others have now been given the opportunity to answer a lawsuit concerning the opposition statements to Proposition B, the ballot measure supported by the Mayor of Los Angeles and extremely hastily brought forward by the L.A. City Council.

One other defendant in the lawsuit is none other than Ms. Soledad Garcia, a Board member of our own Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council.

Ms. Garcia has long been a watcher of the DWP and she has worked tirelessly to fight unnecessary rate increases. Ms. Garcia is also an instrumental part of oversight of the DWP.

DWP and Mayor V. are also threatening to bring transmission lines into the city over pristine land and over property taken by condemnation if their solar energy plan is not voted for.

The legislation also indicates that jobs will be created as one way to find favorable votes within the Los Angeles voting area.

Unfortunately, the majority of jobs that could be created will be in China because that is where the solar panels are scheduled to be provided from.

I would hope that Angelenos would rather use domestically produced solar panels that provide jobs and spending in this country over adding more profits to the government of China.

This post is the first post for a string of posts that I hope will also include much more information that is primarily focused on San Pedro and the surrounding areas. I also hope to be able to provide an address and more dealing with a defense fund for the "Solar 8" who make up the respondents in the lawsuit filed by supporters of Mayor V. and his gang at City Hall.

I will also try and get a take on the situations from Councilwoman Janice Hahn. She is up for reelection and she should publicize her stance on the situations, the lawsuit, and how much of a fraud Proposition B actually is.

We need solar power! We need more 'green' alternatives to producing power! We need to lower our use of fossil fuels! But we must do these things without fraud, corruption, lies, intimidation, lawsuits, and other negative measures being used.

We also must make sure that these things are carried out using the best technology and resources within our own country. We already have staggering unemployment and an economy that looks to be more like being in a Depression rather than being is a deep Recession.

If we have the will, the ways will also come to us.

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