Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pondering 2009

The first thing we need to know about 2009 is that the public meetings that will be held on all the issues we may want to deal with, will be free to attend. Some may offer refreshments!

It looks like for many of us, attending free gatherings, meetings and doing other things that don't cost much will be the primary way to become more informed about issues. Attending free things may also help deal with keeping busy and not spending money, our own out of pocket money that is.

How can we accomplish much with no money, may be the primary focus of all upcoming meetings and gatherings in 2009.

Acknowledging that life goes on whether we can afford it or not is a step we all will be taking in 2009.

As 2009 begins to unfold, you should read: http://www.pedrocalendar.com/ to get information about upcoming meetings and events.

If you want to read something a bit refreshing, please go to: www.yourpontevista.blogspot.com and read that the Outreach Team has finally begun to sing a different tune.

We don't know what 2009 will bring for South Region High School No.15 because of some latest information that even schools currently under construction may be halted for a period of time until the economic woes within L.A.U.S.D. begin clearing up.

What will happen in the Ports in 2009? We have read that traffic will be down, tonnage will go down, workers are already losing days, and gloom overshadows brightness.

Now about the Waterfront Redevelopment Project. Are we going to go back to a standstill?

I hope the Clearwater Program is not affected by what will happen in 2009 and we can all receive more information that the Terminal Island site will move forward as the proposed site for the placement of the Outfall System, ground level and below construction location.

I guess talks can continue, without much spending, on the redevelopment of the Cabrillo Beach area. Plans may have to be drawn out until more money is found, but talking and continuing to plan can't hurt, I imagine.

I feel very bad that 2009 will probably bring much more sadness to downtown San Pedro. I am not seeing any positive movement in these tough financial times and I hope we don't lose that many businesses in our downtown area.

If you didn't shop downtown San Pedro during the pre-Christmas period, please head to downtown San Pedro soon and look for something you want and purchase it there.

This might be a good time for the Chamber of Commerce to really think about ways to have a new Supermarket built in the downtown San Pedro area.

The condos and future apartments will eventually be occupied and those residents and other residents of the downtown area will need to buy food. Perhaps land values will come down enough so that a larger area of downtown San Pedro may become available for a Supermarket chain to come in and find a way to supply that area with a new store.

We may need to think of new ways to help support public schools in San Pedro using wider means of support. Maybe something like a combined day of garage sales at school sites, with funds going to support all the 12 elementary, two middle, and three high schools in San Pedro, plus the Harlan Shoemaker and Wallenberg Education Center, might be something we can get our entire community to support.

(The high schools I am considering are S.P.H.S., P.O.L.A.H.S., and Angel's Gate Continuation H.S.)

Our public school students are going to have a very hard 2009 and if we can help them out by helping them with daily classroom items, then I feel we as a community can ease some of the pain.

Our three Neighborhood Councils will continue to work for residents in their areas and the meetings are free to attend and learn how you can help, too.

You can also find ways to fill idle hours, without spending money, and helping to make OUR community a better place to live.

Donating time is valuable. Some of us no longer have the means to provide funds and donating to causes. If you think you might feel bad not being able to financially support groups you have supported in the past, the time you take doing for others is at least as valuable as the dollars you might not now be able to donate.

2009 may be a year that you will become more involved with a religious institution you belong to or learn about. Your support of them and their support for others will become more important as more people find themselves in trouble, economically speaking.

There are organizations throughout San Pedro that will need your help in 2009 like in no other recent years. Whether you can support them directly with funds, or help them with muscle and brain power, this coming year will be a much more challenging year than so many other years that we can remember.

2009 will also be a year you should get out more and see the spectacular area where you live. You can do all of that without much money, if any at all.

You live in an area that is so naturally abundant in remarkable sights, sites, sounds, views, and characteristics and you can enjoy all of them for just the cost of a good pair of walking shoes.

You have the opportunity to view the fastest moving roadway in probably the entire country.

You can walk alongside some of the most beautiful scenery around.

We have parks galore and all types of terrain for you to explore.

There are a great many opportunities in 2009 to help preserve all of our recreational areas and help protect them for the future.

We may not be able to do the things we used to do by spending money we may now find harder to come by. But we can become more active in helping ourselves and others get through 2009 without spending much of our own cash and still keep busy and working for the best San Pedro possible.

Think about spending less and serving more.

Have the happiest of New Year's possible.

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