Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Important Tuesday Meetings????

If you have the channel capabilities and you have any interest, there are two meeting later today that you may want to catch.

At 7:00 PM, the Rancho Palos Verdes Planning Commission will meet to discuss, debate, and probably vote on the latest Marymount College Expansion Program.

If you read the article in today's The Daily Breeze it may help you ponder the subject better.

What was not in the article that you may want to know is that about 65% of the traffic that will be generated will pass into San Pedro.

The neighborhood that will see the largest traffic impact is not directly connected to either Miraleste Drive or and of the Palos Verdes Drives.

You may also want to know that if you wish to visit another two-year college having on-campus dormitories, get into your car and drive a bit east............east of the Mississippi River that is.

When you have some of the least experienced drivers using P.V. Drive East and they have come to get educated at the campus from other areas, how do you mitigate fog?

If you also want to imagine a hall full of folks LOL, think about Marymount's Alternative plan to place more off-campus housing and major athletic facilities in the city of Los Angeles.

It should be a grand night up at Hesse Park. Unfortunately I will be at another meeting that is much more important to San Pedro and OUR community.

The Los Angeles Unified School District, you know, the one who's Superintendent just bailed because of a strong lack of confidence from everyone, is having its Board of Education members vote on South Region High School No. 15 formal approval and go-ahead with construction.

You should be able to catch the 'fun' on the District's T.V. station. Don't tune in prior to at least 4:30 PM because the item will not be discussed until after that time.

I haven't wavered one bit in my feelings about placing that campus on that spot. I know full well that it will get approval tonight, but at least we now have some written testimony and evidence to take into future court proceedings that will cost the District even more money.

If you oppose the campus being built on that particular site, please don't feel too discouraged after the vote is taken and the probability that the majority of the Board will vote for the Proposed Project on the Preferred Site.

There is still much more that can be done and there have been sites that have been found by the Court to be unable to have a campus built the way LAUSD wants it.

The most recent case took over two years of court wranglings, but the residents prevailed and the Court found that LAUSD erred in many ways and the proposed elementary school in Echo Park has been temporarily, at least, shelved.

San Pedro will probably see the best Outdoor Education Center in the entire nation in a few years, and having a new high school campus directly next to that facility would be a very bad thing, in my opinion.

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