Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pondering the Famliy Christmas Letter

Today's mail contained Christmas cards and our first family letter of the season.

I have created a family letter that you are free to print up and send out to whomever you wish to.

Don't you just 'love' receiving all those notes and letters from 'friends' and relatives that are designed to demonstrate how successful they were during the year?

There is really no reason why fiction cannot be used instead of facts in those letters and humor during these tough economic times might be better spread that ego trips through the mail.
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I bet you already know that Terri, Cookie and I do not really look like what is viewed in the photo. If you already know what we look like, why do you need reminding with another photo?

We have received Christmas Cards that simply contain a greeting and provide a more current photo of the kids or the family. Kids do tend to look different as they grow older and so do some adults, too.

I don't have the guts to shoe Cookie my representation of her as "Tully". She is 14 years old now and she finds discomfort in anything shocking or scary.

In truth, families have good time, great times, bad times, hard times, and sad times all throughout the year. You never get a family letter at Christmastime dealing only with sad or bad things that have happened.

When families inform others about only the good and happy times, it shows that they aren't willing to share some tough times that true friends and relatives may really be concerned about.

Reality it seems, is checked at the mailbox too many times.

So here for all of us to use is a ficticious letter that should only spread concern about the sender's mental condition along with some chuckles, I hope.

The blue car was actually a converted craft that some immigrants attempted to use to flee Cuba and get to the U.S.A. The vehicle really floated and was intercepted before the craft's passengers made it to the good old U.S.A. I have to give them great credit for trying and I do hope that someday we will all be able to go between the U.S. and Cuba freely and with much happiness and wonder.

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