Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pondering Dealing With A Crashed Hard Drive

Sometimes having a hard drive crash can bring new sites to learn about.

One such site I found as a result of having to rebuild my stored data is:

When I find sites that deal with OUR community, I like to make other aware of them too.

Linda Dixon's site has some very interesting pages and I recommend her blog be looked from time to time.

Now back to the crashed hard drive.

I HATE Windows Vista!!!!. I am so used to Windows XP and I cannot stand not being able to do the things I found so easy to do.

Of course I have my Vista puter set up to look like a classic form, but I am still having a dilly of a time saving individual files, photos, and videos.

Why can't I just right-click and or find a save as prompt with the foul thing?

The longer I use Vista the more I believe the Microsoft engineers developed it as a method for that company to control our use of our computers.

I am now very comfortable using my iMac for things I used to do on my big Dell that died.

I haven't found an Adobe Photoshop for the iMac but I bet there is one out there if I can afford it. I am not fond of iPhoto compared to the various Photoshops I have my hands on.

I prefer Microsoft Office 2007 over some of the iMac programs, but they are fine and the iMac saves everything in any format I want.

The big debate I am having with myself is whether I get a replacement hard drive for the Dell. Since it is an older 1Gig Dell, I will probably need to replace the hard drive with a like hard drive even though it is sorely out of date. I don't want to trick the motherboard into thinking a sata-300 hard drive is really a sata-150 like what came with the computer.

Having an big external hard drive saved most of my rear end, but I forgot to backup my iTunes and some view files I saved before the Dell crashed.

Thank goodness the value of what was lost is far less than having to pay the hundreds of dollars having the old drive attempted to be restored.

I think I have mentioned that I HATE VISTA on other posts.

My I.T. son Dave says he saw a trial of Windows 7 and it looks fine to him.

The next time Microsoft feels it can make its operating system look and feel like the operating systems on iMacs, we all should travel to Redmond Washington and provide a piece of our minds and probably some computer hardware through the windows of Microsoft.

Windows Vista belongs in the same storage facility that "New Coke" now festers in.

Another thing that also helps when your hard drive crashes is to have a big iMac within three feet of the P.C. and also having at least one laptop available to bring up in a pinch.

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