Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pondering the Pandemic

Please don't panic!

Scientists are already revealing that the H1N1 virus causes a milder flu than many previous flu strains.

The Marine that was first diagnosed in California is already recovering well.

Wash you hands.
Cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze.
Drink plenty of fluids.
Don't panic!
Remain aware and keep learning.

This may be  a world wide pandemic, but it won't be anything like the 1918 pandemic.

If you do catch the H1N1 virus, you'll have something to write about, remember, and tell your grandchildren.

Take all the normal precautions you would if you know there may be ill folks around you.

Don't stop living your life or enjoying it!

This flu strain appears to be relatively mild compared to other flu strains. It just spreading like wildfire all over the globe.

You may feel that you can help others in poorer nations by making donations. That is a wonderful thing to do. Everyone on this planet appears to be in the path of the virus.

Maybe the crew of the International Space Station might want to stick it our up there a little longer than normal. They would all probably recover from an H1N1 virus attack because human space travelers are usually in pretty good physical condition to begin with.

Pigs can't give you the H1N1 "Swine Flu" or "Avian/Swine Flu" virus.

Most of the masks you have seen being warn do absolutely nothing to stop the spread of the virus. They may just help in the minds of those wearing them.

If you feel you may have the H1N1 virus, study it online before you race off to the emergency room for a dose of Tamaflu.

There are going to be lots and lots of folks who will get sicker than you that will need the services more than you might need them. They will probably need them sooner than you.

I expect to catch the strain. I have plenty of "Smart Water" and "Gatorade" on hand. My Britta pitcher is always refilled.

I have my soup and comfort food and plenty of facial tissue at home.

Please  be prepared and knowledgeable. Please don't panic.

If you do get sick, please stay home and try not to spread your illness to others.

Please look out more for your elderly parents, friends, and neighbors. They will probably get his harder because they don't take in as much liquids as they should.

If you catch it and when you feel well enough, you may want to inform others about your experiences.

The news media seems to be already overcrowding the airwaves with too many reports. They may be the ones that could instill needless panic on folks.

Rumors have already flown all over San Pedro. 

Worry if you must. Just don't panic!

We've got enough on all of our plates to over concern ourselves about a relatively weak strain of a common illness.

It's a somewhat milder flu. It's just that we will probably all catch it whether we live in OUR community or anywhere else on this planet.

Immediate Update!!

Less than one minute after I published the original post my phone rang.

On the other end of the line was our baby Dan.

Dan is 29 and a paramedic in Hesperia, Ca.

Dan probably has the H1N1 virus. His temp is 102 and he is a first responder.

Neither of us are anywhere near panicing. He is going to call into the nurses station that the hospital he normally delivers patients to and provide information to them.

As a first responder I hope he get the Tamaflu swab up his nostrils and his information passed along to the San Bernarding County Health Department sooner rather than later.

He left work after 5 hours yesterday with flu-like symptoms.

I'll report back on this blog if and when his strain of virus is confirmed. It surely looks, feels, and seems like the H1N1 strain though.

Dan informed us that we are now 'grandparents' of two-ten week old puppies.

Our granddogs are going to grow into big dogs but now are just playful handfuls that know to use the paper but haven't learned that the best place to 'go' is outside.

Dan feels ill but he certainly has felt worse in his life. He doesn't sound all that ill. I hope he recovers quickly so he can get back into his ambulance and help others calling 911 while feeling sick.

Now Dan will have first-hand knowledge of this latest flu it seems so he can help other from panicing.

It looks like he may get lots of overtime replacing ill paramedics and going on a whole lot more runs.

It's just wierd that Dan called so soon after I published the post.

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