Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome Ponderers!

If you are visiting this blog because you saw the advertisement in the program, thanks for attending the show and welcome.

This blog is dedicated to pondering many issues relating to San Pedro and other local communities.

Whoever believes that San Pedro is just a sleepy bedroom community at the end of the Harbor Freeway is quite mistaken in their beliefs so many of us think.

San Pedro is part of a vibrant ever changing community with more issues than many other communities face.

We are located at the end of just about everything in the L.A. area. We share a peninsula with at least four other cities and we are the largest of them all.

San Pedro is part of the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. The two ports combined welcome over 44% of ALL of the goods imported into the United States.

San Pedro continues to be a community in transition. The downtown area is presently undergoing a rough time involving change, loss, and trying to figure out new directions that will benefit everyone.

There is a large residential development project on the community's northwest border that was second only to the massive Playa Vista project.

With change being the only constant, this blog explores many proposed changes and wonders on the Internet what is the best for San Pedro and the surrounding communities.

There has been a lull in my publishing posts lately. If you attended "Upton Sinclair's Singing Jailbirds, The Musical" I was a member of the picketers, The Dominie, and The Bailiff in the show.

After the run of the show I think I'll go back to just being the House Manager for The Relevant Stage Theatre Company and let the real actors perform great musicals in the future.

Thank you for stopping by. If you read this and the other blogs you will see why I really need to learn to edit myself better or find and editor that can help me.

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