Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pondering Musical Theater in San Pedro

The poster above is the latest one for "Upton Sinclair's Singing Jailbirds, the Musical".

The Relevant Stage Theatre Company is presenting the World Premiere of this musical based partially on actual events that happened right here in San Pedro.

This monument sits near the Boys and Girls Club of the Port of Los Angeles and informs readers of the historical event that happened at a Liberty Hill home.
The Relevant Stage Theatre Company at: www.therelevantstage.com is producing its second production of its 2009 Season at the Warner Grand Theater in downtown San Pedro.
Ticket sales have begun for the production that is scheduled for the last two weekends in May.
You can find all the information you may want to learn and purchase tickets by visiting the Theatre Company's Web site.
Now to be open and honest, I have accepted and I am currently rehearsing three different roles for this production so I am not totally objective about reviewing what I know so far.
But I can offer that theatre patrons will have a most remarkable time at the production.
The audience will see actors and actresses that perform throughout Southern California and a most fantastic band of first-time actors that will completely blow all away.
I don't have words to describe the pride and joy we have had working with the new actors, singers, and yes, even dancers from Beacon House.
A group of gentlemen have challenged themselves and the rest of us to provide all of us with a real enlightenment.
Take a group of folks in recovery, ask them to do things they would probably never have done if not for this experience and watch wonderful men shine throughout!
They have stepped away from what they knew about themselves and proved they can do so much more that they thought they could.
I am humbled and very very proud of our own Beacon House group. This is yet one more reason that OUR community has been given so many great gifts by men who others don't seem to care enough about.
The star of the production began rehearsals for his part began during a performance run he was in for "The Full Monty". That show was a sell out in Orange County.
Our cast includes trained singers and dancers who have worked all over the country and have been in shows in New York.
The Relevant Stage Theatre Company is in its second full season of productions.
They gained a real footing with "A Christmas Carol" last season that will be produced this December because of its success.
"I Love You. You're Perfect. Now Change." the second musical of this season was so popular its run was extended!
The Relevant Stage Theatre Company brings to San Pedro and a second professional Theatre Company. Little Fish Theatre Company is the older troupe of players that has brought persist ant quality pieces to OUR community for many years.
Having two professional companies also adds to the hopes that more business comes to downtown San Pedro.
The Relevant Stage Theatre Company offers a combination of tickets with an experience with "Off the Vine" and "The Whale and Ale".
They also offer a Season Pass with discounted prices for the remaining productions this season.
Of the two professional larger Theatre Companies, The Relevant Stage offers a range of ticket prices that are less than found at Little Fish Theatre Company.
"Upton Sinclair's Singing Jailbirds, the Musical" brings the largest cast to the biggest stage in San Pedro, the Company has ever had.
I hope you all come and watch me and so many other perform for you later this month.

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