Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pondering Taste In San Pedro

This weekend is Taste in San Pedro weekend.

It began with a first-ever Friday night concert.

Terri and I were first in line at the Saturday opening of Taste because we wanted to take in the boots and friendships and food before I taped the Youthorizons kids doing bits from High School Musical 2.

I liked the idea and took the opportunity to purchase our tickets online. The Convenience charge was $1.00 per ticket but we got a $1.00 discount on each ticket so it made it a wash and no additional fees were charged.

I was very impressed with the knowledge that the organization administering Taste in San Pedro met all of its volunteer needs days before the event. It shows that OUR community can come together with a great number of volunteers to help out.

Heck, there were volunteers serving who don't live in San Pedro and even some from the Eastview area of Rancho Palos Verdes. (Joshua and I are commenting to each other about my thoughts concerning Eastview and its residents.)

I don't know if my perception that there seemed to be fewer paying participants this year over the same hours as last year is correct. It seemed to me there were fewer folks enjoying the first hours on Saturday than I remember last year.

I hope I am wrong about that but I can understand If I am closer to being correct.

Perhaps more folks came after we left and there may be a big crowd for the music and fireworks later today.

Terri and I tried different food booths than we have enjoyed in the past and we were very pleased that we try new offering each year. We already know the quality of many of the food vendors at the event is wonderful.

It was tough to avoid a slice of Buono's Pizza or the Thai food we feasted on before.

Taste in San Pedro also allows folks to catch up with friends they have been meaning to get in touch with, but haven't.

The idea of even the normal 2-3 degrees of separation San Pedrans normally have gets shot out the window at Taste. It is more common to see people you know from around town. than just about any other place or event in San Pedro, moseying around Taste.

Great food. Great entertainment. Unusual shopping. OUR community uniting to do good works for OUR community.

For Real San Pedrans, folks who want to be thought of as Real San Pedrans, or great friends and residents just wanting to gather and participate in OUR community, Taste in San Pedro is not something to be pondered, really.

This is one of the events that we all just do.

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