Monday, August 17, 2009

"The Wiz" and "The Last 5 Years" and "What the Butler Saw"

San Pedro has a big theatre week this week with three entertainment choices for you.

On Wednesday August 19, and for just two showings only, the late Michael Jackson stars in "The Wiz" at WOW-Warner's on Wednesdays.

Prior to the 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM showings there will be a short tribute presented.

Tickets for each show is a mere $3.00 per person to watch a great movie on the large screen.

Parking should be available free after 5:00 in most spaces and free in other spots after 6:00 PM.

If you want popcorn, sodas, and savings, consider the $10.00 'Date Night Special'. It's two movie admissions, two small popcorns, and two small sodas. The full price for the items would be $18.00 so you ca see the savings you would get.

"The Last 5 Years" ends its run at the historic Warner Grand Theatre this coming weekend.

With 8:00 PM performances on Friday and Saturday, with a closing show on Sunday at 2:30, this show received a good number of great reviews including one featured in The Daily Breeze.

There must be something magical about the thirteenth row of the Warner Grand Theatre because John recommended it as the best row to view the show from.

Don't worry about seating though, there are 1,492 seats in the theatre built in 1931.

Tickets for "The Last 5 Years" are reasonable at just $20.00 per person as a regular admission.

Tickets are just $15.00 each for Seniors and College Students. If you can pass for someone under 18-years of age, you would pay a mere $5.00 to see the show.

"The Last 5 Years" chronicles the 5-year relationship between Jamie and Kathy and viewed by each character either from beginning to end or from end to beginning.

Kathy looks back on her relationship with Jamie, a successful author.

Jamie looks forward to his relationship with Kathy, a successful actress.

The show is a musical with melodies and lyrics that are easy on the ear and easy to understand.

The show includes a slide show of the couple's relationship through the years and it was photographed by San Pedro's own John Mattera. is your access to the theatre company's Web site.

"What the Butler Saw" is the newest production from the Little Fish Theatre Company in San Pedro.

The show which opened last weekend doesn't include a butler but it is a comedy from a theatre group that consistently offers first class entertainment to the entire community.

Information about "What the Butler Saw" and Little Fish's mid-week show can be found at:

Terri and I will be taking in the production just after "The Last 5 Years" closes and we hope you all can come to see "The Last 5 Years" and then "What the Butler Saw" which runs until September 19.

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