Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Flies AND It Travels!

On Tuesday, the Warner Grand Theatre's main curtain was replaced!

The aging red curtain was replaced with one looking golden to most of us.

The new curtain flies in and out, just like the old one did.

"Flying in and out" means something on a stage can be raised out of view or brought down from an overstage storage area known as a fly gallery and be viewed by an audience.

Things that are lowered to be viewed by an audience are "flown in" and when things are removed from the viewable portion of a stage by raising it out of sight, they are "flown out"

The new curtain can fly in and fly out, but it also is able to 'travel'

When something relating to stages or performances on a stage area move from out of sight and move from the sides and into a viewable area, it is said that those items 'travel'

The new curtain, when closed and viewed by the audience, can be made to open from the center to the sides.

The new curtain can either fly or travel, but it cannot do both at the same time.

Some of the more expensive ways for curtains to open and close allow for them to go up and down and from center to side at the same time.

The new one can't do that and that is probably a good thing because it was less expensive to purchase and will cost less to maintain over the coming decades.

One of the best things the new curtain will allow for is the ability to have only a portion of the stage viewable to the audience. It can be completely closed and then completely opened AND it can be completely closed and then only opened a small distance.

More options are now available at the Warner Grand and I hope everyone takes the opportunity to be entertained and informed by visiting this historic theatre, right in downtown San Pedro.

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