Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pondering the Reemergence of Ponte Vista and Some Other Ponderings

They are baaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Actually they never left but it seems they went into hiding for a spell.

The Ponte Vista project comes back into focus with a new post at www.yourpontevista.com and some other revelations that can be read about at: www.pontevista.blogspot.com.

Now please ponder the concept of seeing The Dark Knight while the Sun still shines over the Warner Grand Theatre.

Two showings of the latest in the series related to Batman occur at 6 PM and 9PM on Wednesday July 22 at the historic Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro.

Please ponder: http://www.cspnc.com/index.php where you can find a printable pass for two free entries to "Warner On Wednesdays" or WOW for short.

While pondering free tickets you may want to ponder the concept that free can cost more than $10.00 at WOW.

Let's say you want two movie admissions, two small sodas, and two small bags of popcorn.

If you use the free printable pass and still want the popcorn and sodas, the charge would add up to $12.00 at the concession stand, based on their regular prices.

Now please ponder the $10.00 Special. You would receive the two admissions, two small bags of popcorn, and two small sodas for less than using the free pass.

I don't care which option you choose, but I want you to know about pricing.

Regular admission tickets for each showing is $3.00 per person.

I am the fellow in the ticket booth you will see receiving either money or printed passes and I want you to have the best time possible.

If you are in a party of four persons, you may want to use the pass for two admissions and pay $10.00 for two other admissions and two sets of small popcorn and small sodas.

You are most welcome to print passes and come to different movies showing twice a Wednesday through the first half of September.

The Board of Governors of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council just voted to oppose the construction of San Pedro's fifth 7-11 which might be built on the corner of Pacific Avenue and 19th Street.

There was much to ponder during the lively discussions and comments from all over the room.

7-11 representatives stated they needed to have the convenience store open 24 hours per day, just like the other four are in San Pedro.

Since there are not other convenience stores in San Pedro other than 7-11, essentially they would be competing with themselves.

Noise, traffic, and possible unlawful acts around the proposed store provided interesting debate by almost everyone in attendance.

Have you pondered or wondered about what type of water is being used at the largest wading pool in the State of California? Strike that! I meant to write the largest fountain in the State of California. Does any of your pondering or wondering include what type of water is used to irrigate the new grass and trees in north San Pedro along Gaffey and THAT Welcome Park at the end of the Harbor Freeway?

The answers to those questions currently is potable water or the same type of water coming out of taps in homes and businesses in San Pedro.

There are plans to use reclaimed water at the three sites and other sites, and the pool/fountain did have reclaimed or gray water in it. But that is not the case at this time.

Now ponder on the fact that the city of Los Angeles has mandated a water conservation plan on everyone living in San Pedro. I think we can all agree we are in a long draught cycle.

Did it really make good sense to build a long park-like area along north Gaffey using the grass and other foliage used over more draught tolerant vegetation? How many of us use the north Gaffey parkland or the Welcome Park?

Perhaps the decision makers should have thought more about creating greater need for tap water on sites that have few visitors or could have been postponed until reclaimed water was available.

I use red apple in our parking area. It is really draught tolerant, but then again, I don't live within the limits of the city of Los Angeles.

Do you ever ponder about a land swap between the Port of Los Angeles and another entity to secure Knoll Hill for permanent ball fields for Eastview Little League?

Have you pondered on whether that private organization should have government agencies working on its behalf to provide the solutions it did not adequately plan for?

If a land swap does occur, I hope that OUR community get more benefit from the Port of Los Angeles than what the other entity gives up.

Music By The Sea has one last Sunday at Point Fermin Park this year.

For those of you who have pondered about parking in the area and feel you don't need to follow parking guidelines.....BE WARNED!

This coming Sunday and for Taste in San Pedro the following weekend, L.A. Parking Control Officers and tow trucks will be in the area.

I know there is not enough parking in the area for everyone who wants to come to the park. Please consider walking if you can or taking the bus, or arriving early enough to secure a reasonable and LEGAL parking spot.

This is my mid-summer pondering and  I will write more in the near future.


Anonymous said...

the harbor area planning commission continued the 7/11 matter for 1 month

M Richards said...

Thanks Anonymous 2:45PM.

The lawyer speaking in support of 7-11 didn't have very good information about the area and the rest of San Pedro even though he stated he lived in South Shores for some time.

He was also quite insistant that Coastal's actions regarding 7-11 be done before 4:30 today.

I guess he was out of the loop with both counts.