Friday, April 24, 2009

Pondering the Name for SRHS 15

I got flooded today with information that seems to be coming from one John Mavar about the possible name of the new high school under construction on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur.

While I did have a giggle or two about Mr. Mavar's announcement, I am glad he is FINALLY on board with something that began four years ago with another proposed high school in San Pedro.

Here is Mr. Mavar's 'for immediate release' press release:
Below is the start of the process that I would like to see become a great community participation. I would like to see us discuss and put a plan together for this naming processes. LAUSD has giving us/me the "ok" to move forward with this processes. 
Please let me know your thoughts. 

John M. Mavar
Hon Mayor San Pedro 01-03
Vice President, Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council

###For Immediate Release###

April 24, 2009

Former Honorary Mayor of San Pedro and Vice President of the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council, John M. Mavar is gathering support for naming the new San Pedro High School Annex on the Angles Gate site, the John Olguin Annex to San Pedro High School.

As the founder of the Cabrillo Whale-Watch program in San Pedro, John Olguin has been instrumental in developing ways for children and their families to learn not only about the whales, but all marine life.  He has touched the lives of thousands of children and adults over the years and provided them with life long memories and many have gone on to pursue careers in the marine sciences."

As this new annex is to house a marine science magnet, the naming of this school after Mr. Olguin is appropriate.   

John Olguin was born in San Pedro, CA on February 18, 1921.
( Actually Mr. Mavar, John was born in East San Pedro where he grew up. When you were born the area was part of Terminal Island.)He was employed by the City of Los Angeles, Dept. of recreation and Parks for 50 years. He was a lifeguard captain and in 1949, he accepted the position of Director for the Cabrillo Marine Museum in San Pedro, CA., and is currently the Director Emeritus of the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.  Mr. Olguin is also a charter member of the American Cetacean Society and the founder of the Cabrillo "Whale watch" program.

John Olguin has a way with the education children from all over Los Angeles about marine life and he is famous for his, "DO IT-DO IT", way of teaching.""He is one of those people that we are so lucky to be living with in our community, said John Mavar, Vice President of the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council.

The new high school will be built environmentally friendly with state of the art learning and environmental technology.

John Olguin has been recognized by the community as Man of the Century by the San Pedro Rotary Club and has had numerous other recognitions after his lifetime of work on behalf of the children and community of San Pedro.

With conversation throughout the community a meeting is planned for April 28, 2009 at San Pedro City Hall, 6pm. The NWSPNC, Issue committee. will be taking the lead on the naming process by asking the community to be involved. The community is invited to submit suggestions. More details of the process will come out of Tuesdays meeting. 

John M. Mavar
Vice President, Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council

Thanks John for taking the bull by the horns! You are somewhat late in coming on board with the idea but at least you are now on board.

One of the Emails I got today reminded me that I called for naming SRHS 15 after John Olguin. I also included the idea of naming the site the John and Muriel Olguin High School because John's wife has also done a great many good deeds in OUR community.

Muriel is a proud Pilot. (Banning High School, Wilmington). She is a wonderful local artist who has been recognized many times for her accomplishments and fantastic giving to OUR community.

The Port of Los Angeles and just about everyone else did a very bad thing by not naming Port of Los Angeles High School for John Olguin. The port contains water. John has always been synonymous with water. No Marine Magnet school was planned when POLAHS was named. Shame on all those who supported naming that Charter School what they did. It was the most recent public school built in San Pedro and it should have carried the Olguin name.

Now then, let's get back to more of the past.

Once upon a time, LAUSD came up with a ridiculous idea for a new high school in San Pedro.

They wanted to build a 2,025-seat Senior High School to have students who normally would have attended Narbonne and San Pedro High Schools attend that monster. Go ahead, count the possible fights, riots, and other disturbances that would have been created.

That Scoping of those plans was conducted in 2005. That was the same year many of us stated to whoever would listen that if that high school would have been built, it must carry the Olguin name.

We aren't getting that horrible high. We are getting a new campus on a site I feel strongly it should not be built at.

Whether I want a new campus on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur is not any point.

Whatever new public LAUSD campus is next built and no matter where it is built at, it MUST carry the Olguin name.

It will not be a proud moment for any of us except John and his family to have the banner removed from the name of the school because we are all very late in having that happen.

But it will be justice for us to do what has been right since the last new regular public school was built in San Pedro.

Taper Avenue School was built in the early 1960's. It only has taken us a little less than 50 years or so to finally provide John and his family what is correct, just, and worthy.

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