Thursday, March 26, 2009

San Pedro Today Magazine

My edition of San Pedro Today magazine arrived freshly inside a plastic wrap earlier today.

I am counting this third issue as the best so far and hope Josh and the gang keep it going and growing.

Janice Hahn rightly deserves everything all of the writers wrote about her in this month's issue.

As pointed out, L.A. increased trash fees to increase Police and Janice used the increase in meter fees for the same reasons. Double taxes for less Police presence in the Harbor Area doesn't help anyone.

I also wholeheartedly agree with the writer who suggested that Ms. Hahn has done nothing to help the economic situations within her office and with her staff.

Perhaps all City Council members should reduce their staffs and spending equal to the percentage of unemployment in the city of Los Angeles.

When oh when is Stephanie Mardesich going to have "Some Kind of Wonderful" shown at the LAHIFF? If that isn't Pedro-based or Harbor-based enough for her and her group, I don't know what is.

Scenes of San Pedro and parts of Wilmington are throughout the movie and it takes place during the lives of high school students attending......oh well, if you can't figure it out, why bother.

How about a compiliation of shows like "Sea Hunt" or even "San Pedro Beach Bums" as part of the Festival?

Has "Chinatown" been shown yet?

Steve Marconi understands that there is absolutely nothing like "Six Degrees of Seperation" in San Pedro. It is hard to find more than 2-1/2 degrees around this town.

Many of us are Ke-Alians like the Moody brothers, and a whole bunch of us also bought "La Vista" albums while at Dodson!

The two candidates written about for the Office of Honorary Mayor of San Pedro are worthy of having that office.

Both candidates are supporting great causes and I hope that there will be as close to a tie as possible. Let's support both candidates as much as possible.

Thanks Josh, good edition.

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