Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pondering the F.E.I.R.

The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for South Region High School No. 15 (SRHS15) has been published.

The URL above should get you to a page where you can look up information about several different documents, including the FEIR.

The FEIR holds nothing of any real surprise to me and if you are familiar with LAUSD and the SRHS 15 project, it won't be surprising to you, either.

Opponents to having SRHS 15 built on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur have always known that there would be no victory without a court fight.

Having all the comments and responses to those comments in the FEIR creates more evidence that would be included in lawsuits attempting to keep LAUSD from building SRHS 15 on its Preferred Site, if construction of the campus is approved this coming December 9 or any time in the future.

The Board of Education still needs to vote on whether to actually build the new campus using the certification of the FEIR along with voting specifically on the proposal.

I will be looking for whether LAUSD Board members look hard at the number of comments generated by the DEIR and the contents of many of those comments.

You can read throughout the responses to the comments that, the folks at LAUSD did their work at poking holes in those comments as best as they can. This was also expected and not surprising.

The Facilities Services Division will hold their meeting about SRHS 15 on December 4. You do not need a crystal ball or even a psychic to know what will happen during that meeting.

Don't be surprised if the SRHS 15 project is approved of on December 9. After that date, I hope Neighborhoods Organized and Involved to Support Education starts rolling forward in their continuing campaign to seek and get contributions for their defense fund. They are going need your help.

It is not an absolute fact that if the Board of Education approves plans for SRHS 15, it will get built. Courts have stopped LAUSD from building schools, but it takes time and money and a great deal of effort on the part of many people in the community who don't want a school built in a particular place.

All hope is not lost and now more evidence has been published to help in any future fight.

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