Saturday, November 1, 2008

Here is an article that was printed in today's Daily Breeze.

LAUSD, schools get upgrade funds

From staff and news services
Article Launched: 10/31/2008 10:33:05 PM PDT

Five South Bay and Harbor Area schools and one school district will receive state funds for campus modernization, California education officials announced Thursday.

The recipients are Dolores Street Elementary School in Carson, $596,000; Hawaiian Avenue Elementary in Wilmington, $1.3 million; Normont Elementary School in Harbor City, $935,000; Willenberg Special Education Center in San Pedro, $2.1 million; Wilmington Middle School, $3.3 million.

Los Angeles Unified School District will receive $274,000 for emergency repairs.

The awards are part of $208 million for school campuses across California that were approved by the State Allocation Board. The agency decides how state bond money is spent and announces new awards each month.

If LAUSD now claims 'poverty' with regards to the idea of placing the secondary power cables going to Point Fermin Elementary School, we should all protest, I feel.

We all need a quick resolution to the issues concerning Point Fermin Elementary and the students, faculty, staff, and parents want power established for the upgrades at the School.

Getting the necessary permit can be considered an 'emergency' at least for the fact that two classrooms at the school will not have proper heating this coming winter. Another factor in calling the situation an 'emergency' is that the power upgrades are necessary to provide power to the new equipment placed for the Marine Magnet and other programs at the campus.

I strongly feel that a portion of the $274,000 that LAUSD is receiving must go to placing the new cabling underground at the earliest possible date.

If Mr. Mehula and other wish to use that money in other areas of the District, it again demonstrates LAUSD's lack of care for OUR community and the education of our kids.

LAUSD should have paid for correcting any and all issues that are currently being debated long before they were told of the $274,000 and now there is no excuse for them not to spend the money another one of OUR schools.

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