Saturday, November 1, 2008

Local Efforts to Support Our Military

I HATE war!

I am a progressive who was, is, and always will be against our intervention in Iraq, both times.

But I am a veteran who volunteered to serve my country and I was not drafted.

I share a bond with every member of the military who volunteered to serve and defend the U.S.A. no matter where they are sent.

I urge every single one of you, along with your friends and neighbors to visit two sites:

First, please visit:
This is Ms. Diana Chapman's blog. Scroll down to the photos and post about Mike and Shirley Walker and their efforts to help our military members serving in Afghanistan and Iraq now and in the upcoming holiday season.

Then please visit:
and find out more about how you can help.

It is hoped by folks like me that members of our military will be spending their last Christmas serving in Iraq. We probably won't be as fortunate during the 2009 holiday season and we will need to help those serving in Afghanistan, but we will do that with pride.

Shopping for others can be fund and in this case, it will be nothing but rewarding to you and it can be something you do with honor, pride, care, and thoughtfulness.

Helping our military members is not about how they were ordered to serve where they serve, it is about OUR community's and other communities efforts to support them in ways that will directly benefit individual members and show each one of them how much we care and appreciate their voluntary service to our country.

Here are some businesses that have helped out and I hope you consider doing business with these businesses who are supporting the effort.

FedEx Kinkos San Pedro
Home Depot San Pedro
J & B Cleanup & Hauling
Bay Area Auto Body
MJM Printing
San Pedro Chrysler
San Pedro Sheet Metal
Butch's Automotive
South Bay Toyota Parts Dept
Star Box, Inc
The Vandals
Ralph's San Pedro
Starbucks San Pedro

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