Friday, June 19, 2009

Pondering A Very Busy Summer In San Pedro

Summer hasn't officially begun but it is well past time that we ponder on all the activities planned this summer in San Pedro.

The first note to remember is that there are TWO 'calendars' you should probably bookmark or add to your favorites for everything San Pedro. is under the umbrella of and provides three calendars for you to use. run by Ms. Kristina Smith provides more descriptions about upcoming events, meetings, and other things.

Both sites are essentials for learning more about San Pedro and the hectic happenings happening almost every day.

Shakespeare By The Sea has already begun and this weekend is "Love's Labour's Lost".
The Company needs all of our support and they really enjoy seeing the huge crowds attending the shows at Point Fermin Park. is their site.

Little Fish Theatre Company, along with SBTS is offering "Hamlet II" a very comic parody of the cursed Dane's story. You can find information about that production on the same site.

Music By The Sea begins in July. Now THREE music groups will perform in a program extended one-hour longer than in previous years. has the bands and a whole lot of information about other events this summer.

The Golden States Pops Orchestra will offer a free performance at Cabrillo Beach on Independence Day. This is all part of a humongous day and evening long event that is one of the most popular and well attended events on July 4.

July 11-12 finds Fort MacArthur Days at the Fort MacArthur Military Museum, in San Pedro.

Where else can you spot "Abraham Lincoln" conversing with "General Douglas MacArthur" and you might see our own John Olguin as "Capitan Juan Cabrillo.

There will be battles staged, parades conducted and you might see skirmishes between Roman soldiers against Civil War troops with some Redcoats added into the mix.

This is a real San Pedro treat for the whole family and quite the hoot of a good time.

July 17-19 finds the Mary Star of the Sea Fiesta being held. has information about the event.

What is wonderful about great traditions continuing in OUR community abounds during the Fiesta.

For all Real San Pedrans and even those who want to be, you simply cannot miss one of the dinners during the Fiesta and we all must support the Queen of our choice.

August 1-2 is the TWENTIETH annual Taste In San Pedro...has it really been going on that long?

The Web site looks bigger and better and I expect this year's event will match the improvements of the site and even more!

Weekends from August 7-23 finds "The Last Five Years" being presented at The Warner Grand Theater by The Relevant Stage Theatre Company.

A Summer Camp for youth where "High School Musical 2" will be rehearsed and performed four times before live audiences is available through the Theatre Company and information about it can be found via their Web site. Those performances will be held in late July.

The third annual TriArt Festival will take place on September 12 and 13. provides great information about this ever growing and improving event that all should attend.

Ongoing every Saturday night at Midnight is the long-running "Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Warner Grand Theater.

A $9.00 ticket provides you with both a movie and live-action with skits and pre-show happenings younger folks seem to enjoy.

There is an ongoing Fright Night on Fridays at the Warner Grand, too. has the information you may want.
_____________________________________ is the place to learn about events at The Warner Grand Theater and Grand Annex.

The Warner Grand Vision Organization is doing great things as far as providing entertainment and education in OUR community.

Stop by Angel's Gate Cultural Center during the summer and look up the activities and showings going on at the former Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur.

Tired yet?

We have the largest fountain in the State of California you need to visit.

We still have the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. We have the Marine Mammal Recovery Center.

Out on the coast there is the Point Vincente Interpretive Center, Trump National that has public walkways, and then there is.......

Terranea. Yes it is in San Pedro's neighboring city of Rancho Palos Verdes but it is a must-see for all of us.

Oh the opulence. Oh the pricyness. Oh the views. Did I mention the pricyness?

Get a good look soon because none of us know if it will be around in six months.


Being San Pedro, we have probably the best Italian restaurants this side of Rome. 

Our local restaurants can cook fish, beef, and other meat dishes that cannot be uneaten.

We just about every continent covered as far as types of foods offered in OUR community.

Have you eaten at Think Prime yet? Or should the real question be, can you afford to eat at Think Prime?

I always like to put a shout out to Admiral Risty's at the Golden Cove Shopping Center on P.V. Drive West.

Need a nap or a picnic?

Thanks again to the very late Mr. George Peck for starting something that is truly great about OUR community.

We have parks. Lots of them. You can be hot and sticky at Eastview Park and Peck Park or you can get much cooler at Point Fermin Park.

When the waterworks are fixed at Averill Park, you can lounge or fish for crawdads or just get a big block of ice, a towel or piece of cardboard and slide down the grassy hills with your tummy on the block of ice.

There is so much more I haven't listed that you can do in OUR community. 

The great folks at Beacon House will be putting on their street fair for the community and so many of them help at just about every event mentioned on this post.



Tristan said...

I just discovered your blog. I think it's really great that someone is documenting all of the Pedro goings-on in one website. You can't forget Little Fish's fundraiser, Hamlet II. I visited artistic director Melanie Jones a couple days before opening night and the crew (many of whom were also the cast) were frantically drilling, sawing, and hammering to assemble sets, but knowing Little Fish, it's sure to be great.

M Richards said...

Thanks Tristan, you are absolutely correct. I edited the original post.

Quality is always the norm with everything done at Little Fish and it seems to be getting even better and better as the years go by.

My what a difference we have seen since the troupe played at the old Harbor Office Supply store when they produced excellent productions back then.....and are only getting better.

But 34 seats is getting to be far too small an audience limit for the great productions they present. It's time for a larger venue, but NOT the Warner Grand.

Also perhaps in years to come, the players from Little Fish and the players from The Relevant Stage will flow together and we can have two acting companies in San Pedro that work better together than apart.