Friday, June 26, 2009

Pondering A New Business Coming To OUR Community

If you had trouble noticing the new banner, here is a hint.
Coming not soon enough for many is a bakery at the intersection of Western Avenue and Trudie Drive.
The educated guess is that Amalfitano Bakery will take over the space vacated when Sunken City Skate and Surf Shop left R.P.V. for downtown San Pedro.
A full service bakery seems to be a wonderful idea for Western Avenue and all of us who live in the area.
Even though Terri were full from the one pancake we each had at Rex's, we both spotted the banner placed just this morning as if our bakeryradar was in full working order.
Another bakery in OUR community? Heck yes and why not?
We all lost Ramona's far too soon and it has been gone some time now.
We will never stop loving Polly Ann's and the generations worth of great baked goods from there. Of course we will still visit and purchase great eats for that San Pedro institution.
We all must never forget that we have other local bakeries like Buscemi's, Portofino, Joseph's and other that provide our large family gatherings and small parties with great breads, rolls, and other baked good.
But with a new bakery on this side of OUR community, perhaps we can gather to discuss and debate heavy and light matters involving OUR community while enjoying baked goods in a family oriented environment.
Who could possibly not know the Almalfitano name in OUR community. Real San Pedrans and many who aspire to be Real San Pedran, and even those who never want to be Real San Pedrans know members of that great family.
Yes I know perfectly well that the bakery will not actually be in 'San Pedro' and we in R.P.V. welcome revenue generated by the new bakery.
Having it just five houses away from our kitchen and stomachs may create a bit of a problem for Terri and I. But just the vision of all those wonderful pastries, breads, cakes, deserts, and other baked goods is far too hard to put out of our mind.
It didn't take long for Terri to remember those famous words spoken about a former store's sales. "Open, open open" was heard in the Honda even before we got into the driveway.
Opening a business in these tough economic times is also a gamble and I hope that this venture begins strong and becomes an institution just like Polly Ann's continues to be.
So welcome to Rancho Palos Verdes and the rest of OUR community Amalfitano Bakery. Expect us on your opening day or even before that.


km said...

You'll have to let me know how the cannoli are. I haven't had a really good one since Ramona's closed.

Anonymous said...

The family opening Amalfitano bakery are the former owners of Ramona Bakery. I cant wait to get a cannoli.